Glenview does get very cold

Living in Glenview, IL, the Wintertide is the longest season, and the freezing weather often lingers for many weeks! We expect temperatures well below freezing and often below zero.

Our average annual snowfall accumulation is more than two feet. It seems to snow every single day for most of the year, snow removal can believe prefer a full-time job. It takes hours to shovel the driveway. It’s not pleasant laboring outdoors in such freezing weather… Plowing, snowblowing, shoveling and scraping is labor-intensive, and it can be tough to find a spot to pile all that snow. I am fortunate that I have a boiler system that handles both indoor comfort and snow melt. The boiler is installed in the basement and affixs to a series of pipes that are concealed beneath the floors inside and the pavement outside. The boiler heats up water and circulates it through these pipes. Inside, a radiant flooring system spreads heat across the surface of the floor and infuses it into the air. It warms every object standing on the floor to further radiate heat. The heat is distributed from corner to corner and rises entirely slowly. There are no drafts or freezing spots, and the temperature from floor to ceiling remains within more than two degrees of the temperature control setting. The radiant floor system is entirely hidden, totally quiet and requires no repair. It doesn’t contribute contaminants into the air or cause insufficient humidity. Plus, it allows for the simple set up of zone control! Each room can be kept at an independent temperature. The outside snowmelt system is entirely similar. The pipes are installed beneath the pavement of the driveway, walkways, front steps and garage floor. The system automatically starts up when there’s a combination of moisture and temperature drop. The heat spreads across the pavement to melt away snow and ice. It eliminates the need to shovel and concerns over slipping and falling on icy pavement.


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