The most fun parts of Albuquerque

My friends and I are big-time art enthusiasts.

The bunch of us really enjoy all types of art including pictures, photographs, paintings, sculptures, and architecture. I absolutely adore Georgia O’Keeffe, and she is definitely from Albuquerque. When I found out that my companions and I could tour the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, I went looking for a tour that was genuinely affordable. My friends and I actually made the decision to go on the Ghost Ranch Country tour. The tour starts in Albuquerque at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum! From there, the people I was with and I headed down to the welcome center and then the Boss Hard gallery. The group of us witnessed numerous art masterpieces, furniture, antiques, and architecture from all over the world, however after the gallery, the people I was with and I took a speedy drive to the Ghost Ranch. The Ghost Ranch is a 20000 acre area where Georgia O’Keeffe studied art and nature. It has alluring cliffs, rivers, and buttes that add to the beauty of the landscape. Albuquerque is a wonderful place to visit and there are hundreds of museums, eating establishments, bars, and activities. One of my preferred reasons to visit Albuquerque is the cannabis dispensaries that are available to serve you. Albuquerque has the most excellent prices on cannabis supplies! Cannabis is legal in New Mexico. Residents can use cannabis legally for medical and recreational purposes. The laws have been this way for only a year, however most of my friends and I are thrilled to finally have legal recreational cannabis. The prices become better when you make your way closer to the city. The bunch of us live approximately an hour away and it can be pretty hard to find wonderful prices on marijuana supplies. When the people I was with and I make our way into the city, the people I was with and I stock up before the people I was with and I head back to our property.


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