A heat pump works well in Royal Palm Beach

A technnican inspects, tests, cleans and adjusts the heat pump, replacing any problematic parts and ensuring peak efficiency and reliability

Living in Palm Beach, Florida, the air conditioner runs just about year round. There is rarely a time when it’s possible to simply open the windows and enjoy the fresh air. Temperatures in the mid to upper nineties are joined by excessive humidity, making for hot and sticky conditions. A powerful, durable and energy efficient cooling system is a priority. While the winters in Palm Beach are short and mild, I wouldn’t want to go entirely without access to heating. The lows drop into the fifties and occasionally into the forties. My home is equipped with an electric heat pump, which works effectively to handle the local weather. For the majority of the year, the heat pump operates just like a traditional air conditioner. It uses refrigerant to absorb heat from inside the home and transfer it outdoor. However, the heat pump is especially helpful at combatting excess humidity. When the weather cools down, I switch the system to heating mode and it reverses the flow of refrigerant. It draws from ambient heat found in the outdoor air, compresses that heat to a higher temperature and supplies it into the home. Because there is no combustion to create greenhouse gasses, carbon monoxide or fumes, the heat pump is especially safe, clean and environmentally responsible. I like having a single unit take care of both heating and cooling. The heat pump is compact, unobtrusive and quiet. I’ve enrolled in a maintenance plan with a local Palm Beach HVAC contractor that includes two service calls per year. A technnican inspects, tests, cleans and adjusts the heat pump, replacing any problematic parts and ensuring peak efficiency and reliability. These tune-ups fulfill the manufacturer’s warranty requirements. If there is the need for a repair, the cost should be covered by the warranty.
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Difficulty of weather in Orland Park

The excessive moisture causes concerns with mold and mildew growth

While I love living in Orland Park, the weather conditions present some difficulties. The wide fluctuation of seasons create a great deal of work, expense and damage. The winters are the worst of it. The weather starts to cool of by early September, and it’s usually necessary to start up the furnace in October. We often have blizzard-conditions for Halloween. We expect snow on the grown for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and most likely on Easter as well. We’ve even had to shovel on Mother’s Day. The snowfall requires constant plowing and shoveling to keep the sidewalks, front steps, back deck and driveway clear. Because of the huge piles potentially blocking access to the garage, we often need to pay for snow removal. Every time I want to leave for work or drive anywhere, it’s necessary to brush off the car, scrape ice off the windshield and let the defrost run to clear the glass for at least twenty minutes. We are forced to bundle up in layers of sweaters, boots, heavy coats, hats and gloves. The temperature is typically below freezing and can drop into the negatives. The wind chill is downright dangerous. Living in Orland Park means that I never buy tickets to an event scheduled between September and May, because inclement weather can make the commute impossible. School closings, blizzard warnings and driving bans are a frequent occurrence. Once spring finally arrives, there is the threat of flooding from snowmelt and torrential downpours. We frequently suffer from lengthy power outages. While I always look forward to summer in Orland Park, the heat and humidity are a problem. The excessive moisture causes concerns with mold and mildew growth. While I’d love to open the windows and let in some fresh air, the house gets overheated and sticky. Although the summer season is short, I’ve invested into central air conditioning.

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Long winters in Minneapolis

I’ve lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for nearly five years, and I’m still not accustomed to the snow.

It starts snowing sometime in November and keeps snowing until well into April.

The accumulation adds up to around fifty inches per year. When I first moved to Minneapolis, I had never even seen snow in-person. In the movies and on television, snow looks beautiful and romantic. The actors and actresses don’t bother with hats or gloves and never seem cold. Nobody every needs to shovel the driveway or walkways, scrape the ice off the windshield of the car or bush off the hood. Simple jobs like pushing a shopping cart across a parking lot is a nightmare. I am constantly worried about the weight of the snow on the roof, back deck and trampoline. I’ve spent a fortune hiring someone to plow my driveway and haul away the mounds of snow. I’ve had to purchase heavy boots, warm coats, scarves, gloves, hats and sweaters to combat the cold. For around seven months per year, the outdoor temperature drops below freezing. Readings in the teens or even the negatives aren’t unusual. Blizzard conditions, school closings and driving bans are common. The heating system is one of the most important systems of the household and has a big impact on the budget. If it fails, there is the fear of the water pipes freezing. The winters are long, brutal, expensive, a lot of work and can present safety risks. It seems to take forever for spring to arrive. I get excited for the first sign of robins and sprous of daffodils. I watch for the lilac trees to bud and look forward to opening the windows and airing out the house.

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A boiler is perfect for the weather in Lowell

While we enjoy the benefits of all four seasons in Lowell, Massachusetts, winter causes some problems.

It is by far the longest season.

Despite the official start and end of winter on the calendar, locals expect to raise the thermostat setting and start up the heating system by the end of September. It’s not unusual for the nighttime temperature to drop into the forties. By November, the lows are below freezing. For December, January and February, the temperatures are in the teens and often drop into the negatives. There is no hope of shutting off the heater until April at the earliest. I’ve already needed to shovel snow out of the driveway on Mother’s Day. The especially long, brutally cold winters in Lowell make a boiler heating system the ideal choice. One of the only drawbacks of a boiler is the lack of cooling capacity. By the time summer arrives in Lowell, I have no desire to keep the windows closed, rely on an air conditioner and pay ungodly high electric bills. No matter how hot and humid it gets, I’m fine with window air conditioners in the bedrooms. Summer never lasts longer than two or three months and is often windy and rainy. My priority is a powerful, durable and efficient heating system. Unlike a furnace that uses air to convey heat energy, a boiler uses water. Because water heats up faster and retains heat longer than air, the boiler doesn’t need to works as hard or run as long to provide ideal comfort. The operation is especially clean and silent. The system provides a very gentle and consistent heating without introducing contaminants into breathing air. There is no ductwork to worry about and no issues with insufficient humidity. Plus, the boiler allows for the easy set up of zone control.

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A heat pump is ideal for Lakeland weather

Lakeland, Florida, offers a humid subtropical climate.

The summers are long, hot and sticky while the winters are short and fairly mild.

The average high temperature climbs into the low nineties, although readings in the negatives aren’t unusual. With the excess humidity, the summer days can be brutal. While the average low temperature in winter is around fifty degrees, it’s common to see conditions in the forties. Air conditioning is a necessity, and I certainly wouldn’t want to go without heating. For my home in Lakeland, the perfect solution is an electric heat pump. I like that a single unit handles year round demand, minimizing maintenance requirements and freeing up valuable space. The heat pump is compact, quiet and energy efficient. In cooling mode, operation is the same as a conventional air conditioner. The unit works by pulling heat out of the indoor air and transfers it outdoors by way of refrigerant. When the weather cools off, I switch the heat pump over to heating mode. The operation literally reverses the flow of refrigerant. The unit gathers readily available ambient heat from the outdoor air, compresses it to a higher temperature and supplies it indoors. Because there is no combustion process to create heate, there are no concerns with hot surfaces, fumes, carbon monoxide or greenhouse gases. Heat pumps are especially environmentally friendly. While the purchase and installation is higher than a more traditional options, the system provides both heating and cooling and saves money on energy bills all year round. The higher demand on the system makes regular maintenance especially important. I’ve enrolled in a service plan with an HVAC company in Lakeland that includes two tune-ups per year.



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Visiting Jacksonville in the winter

My husband and I visit Jacksonville, Florida, every winter.

We escape the sub zero temperatures, vicious wind chll and feet of snow of the northeast.

It is such a relief to step out of the airport terminal and feel the warm air. The blue skies, sunshine and palm trees are always a welcome sight. We rent a property with access to Jacksonville beach so that we can enjoy views of the ocean. Although the weather in December of January is typically to chilly for swimming, we still enjoy walking on the beach, smelling the salt air and collecting shells. There are a variety of different styles of restaurants in the near vaccinity from American-style to Mexican, Chinese and Italian. The seafood is especially fresh and tasty. It’s such a change from the limited variety of seafood up north. There is opportunity to shop, play golf, visit a bag cat preserve and spend a day at the zoo. We like to check out the Riverside Arts Market on Saturday mornings, located under the canopy of the Fuller Warrent Bridge. The outdoor markety always offers local artisans, artists, crafts and the produce of local farmers. There are food trucks, live music and even free yoga classes. The view of the St. Johns River is spectacular. Another favorite of ours is Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park. There are twenty miles of beautiful oceanfront parkland offering numerous biking and hiking trails. We can go fishing, kayaking or paddleboarding. There are miles of white sand beaches. The St. Johns Town Center is an open-air shopping center encompassing over 1.2 million square feet and more than 175 retailers and over twenty restaurants. From luxury stores to bargain outlets and speciality boutiques, I always find something to make the trip worthwhile.


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Severe weather in Elgin

I’ve lived in Elgin, Illinois, my entire life.

While I love my local area, the weather can be difficult.

I appreciate the differences of each of the four seasons. In the winter, there is the cold and snow that provides all sorts of activities. I enjoy riding snowmowbiles, cross-country skiing and snowboarding. The Christmas holiday is always a winter wonderland and never fails to put me in a festive mood. However, temperature in the negative digits, requires a powerful heating system. I spent a small fortune on a state-of-the-art furnace that promises a 98% AFUE rating. They unit includes adaptable-sped technology that automatically adjusts output to match the specific needs of th home. By running the majority of time at lower speeds, it uses less energy, makes less noise and costs less to run. I still dread my monthly energy bills. When the temperature outside plummets to negative twenty-five degrees, the furnace runs just about non stop. Plus, it’s necessary to rely on the heater for approximately eight months straight. Due to issues with overly dry air, I’ve also invested into a humidifier. It seems to take forever for the snow to melt and warmer weather to arrive. I get excited for the first sign of robbins and daffodil sprouds. Unfortunately, spring often brings thunderstorms and high winds that knock down tree branches and take out power line. Going without electricity is inconvenient, can cause damage and create safety risks. With excessive snowmelt, there’s the potential for the basement flooding. I not only purchased a sump pump for the basement but added an emergency backup incase of a power outage. While the summers in Elgin tend to be short, they are typically hot and humid. I have central air conditoning as well as a dehumidifier. The expenses associated with the weather add up quickly.

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Hot and humid weather in Birmingham

Moving to Birmingham, Alabama, from the northeastern part of the country was a big change.

  • I was accustomed to approximately eight months of winter.

In the area where I grew up, every year brought sub zero temperatures, dangerous windchill and feet of snow. We often had snow accumulation on the ground at Halloween, Christmas and Easter. Snow shovels and ice scrapers were essential tools. I was tired of being trapped indoors for most of the year. I was excited for the blue skies and sunshine. I had no idea the challenges created by such high temperatures and humidity. Instead of relying on the furnace, it’s now necessary to run the air conditioner for anywhere from six to eight months. My electric bills are a big source of concern. I worry about hot and moist conditions encouraging dust mites, cockroaches and mold, mildew and bacterial growth. Excessive humidity can cause damage to hardwood floors, doors, moldings and antiques. There are issues with condensate running down the window panes and rotting the sills. Fortunately, I’ve found a reliable HVAC contractor in Birmingham. The company is licensed, insured and factory authorized. They handle new system installation, replacement, maintenance, repairs and 24/7 emergency assistance. I have enrolled in a maintenance plan with the HVAC company that provides service calls outside of regular business hours with no additional fees. I’ve consulted with the HVAC technician who handles my air conditioner’s tune-ups and gotten recommendations for a whole-home dehumidifier. I know that removing moisture and maintaining ideal humidity levels will help to make the house feel cooler at higher thermostat settings and save me money.




Hiking in the Gilbert, Arizona, area

One of my favorite things about living in Gilbert, Arizona, is the impressive number of outdoor hiking trails.

  • I love exploring the natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert.

The hiking trails provide the opportunity to get away from the stress and responsibilities of everyday life. The breathtaking landscapes of Arizona are truly magical. The Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch is a 110-acre park located in the heart of Gilbert. It’s an opportunity to hike through an exotic wetland habitat. The setting is very different from the surrounding desert landscape. The park offers a number of well-maintained trails. The Explorer Trail winds around several ponds and is a great spot for bird-watching. With a short drive, I can reach the San Tan Mountain Regional Park. The hiking trails range from easy strolls to strenuous endeavors. The Moonlight Trail includes stunning views of the Sonoran Desert the Valley and is of moderate difficulty. Veterans Oasis Park is another chance to enjoy the sunshine and scenery. Desert Hawk Trail loops around the park’s picturesque lakes and is a great stretch for a hike or a jog. The park also hosts education programs for anyone who wants to learn more bout Arizona’s native flora and fauna. Gilbert Regional Park is fairly new and includes a really lovely lake and scenic pathways. While it’s not as extensive as some of the other destinations, the well-maintained paths are perfect for diding my bike. A quick drive leads me to South Mountain Park and Preserve, where I can take advantage of some of the most amazing hiking experiences in the Phoenix area. There are more than fifty miles of hiking trails, including Hidden Valley Trail that covers rugged terrain and views of the Valley. It’s a bit more challenging, but especially rewarding.

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Trying to heating and cool historical home in Plano

The average year round temperature in Plano, Texas, fluctuates from a high of ninety-five to a low of thirty-five degrees.

There is the risk of floods and tornadoes.

We experience heat, humidity and even a trace of snow. Because of the wide variations of weather, it’s necessary to outfit my home with both a heating and a cooling system. The cost of indoor temperature control adds up to approximately fifty percent of the household energy usage. We switch between running the heater to starting the cooling unit with very little break in-between. This makes insulation and ventilation extremely important. We need powerful and energy efficient equipment. My house in Plano was constructed in the early eighteen hundreds. It was not outfitted with conventional ductwork, making it nearly impossible to incorporate a whole-home system. When we first purchased the property, we attempted to get by with window air conditioners, box fans, overhead fans and electric baseboard heaters. The living environment felt chilly all winter and overheated all summer. The window units blocked the view and looked very attractive. The fans stirred up dust, and I felt that the baseboard heaters were a safety risk. I finally consulted with a local Plano HVAC contractor. The technician recommended investing into a high-velocity heating/cooling system. This type of system is specifically designed to retrofit into older homes without requiring remodeling and causing damage. The beauty of a high-velocity system is the mini-ducts. They are only two inches in diameter and flexible enough to snake through existing walls. They accommodate studs, plumbing and electric wires and connect to six-inch diameter round vents that allow flexibility of location. The high-velocity system has been such a huge improvement. We now have a comfortable home all year round.