I like to workout outside even though it is Glenview, IL

I make exercise a priority.

I workout every single day.

I prefer to handle my workouts in the morning so that I can enjoy a better mood and greater productivity for the rest of the day. I also like to manage my exercise program outdoors. I have more space and I enjoy the fresh air. Unfortunately, the weather has a big influence on the timing and location of my workouts. Living in Glenview, Illinois, the weather is unpredictable and often extreme. We deal with sub zero as well as temperatures in the nineties. We get tons of snow, lots of rain and brutal humidity. There are high winds, fog, hail, freezing rain and every imaginable weather condition to contend with. I am always excited for those perfectly mild days that allow me to get up in the morning, head directly outside and enjoy a productive workout. I am so happy when I can dress in shorts and a T-shirt, stand on my back deck and feel perfectly comfortable. The back deck is the ideal spot to workout. I have a lot of room to move around and a gorgeous view of my gardens and the woods behind my house. I see lots of rabbits, deer, groundhogs, foxes, turkey and birds. The fresh air helps to motivate me. During the middle of summer, when the conditions are overly hot and humid, I workout as early as possible. I try to complete my exercise session before the heat of the day sets in. As fall approaches and the weather turns colder, I need to wait longer and longer for the day to sufficiently warm up. I’m forced to dress in long pants and a jacket. Eventually it gets too cold and wet and I’m forced inside.
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The dorms in Whitworth University used to have the worst heating and cooling systems

I struggled to decide on a final college after I was accepted to 10 of the 12 schools to which I applied. There were school options in every region and climate in this vast country. Originally I was going to stay close to home. All of that changed after my parents announced that they would be selling their house and moving to a condominium in Florida. I didn’t apply to any schools in Florida, so that meant I no longer had to consider my family’s proximity when choosing my final school. On one hand, this was a freeing feeling because I could focus solely on which location was best for me and my future. On the other hand, I was scared to pave my own path forward alone without any help or assistance from my family. Although they were surprised by my final choice of schools, I was happy moving to Spokane, Washington to attend undergraduate school at Whitworth University. I decided to attend business school at Whitworth and had some of the best professors that I could ask for. However, there was one thing that I hated about Whitworth despite loving the city of Spokane so much. The dormitories at Whitworth had some of the worst heating and cooling systems during my time as a student there around 15 years ago. I learned that we were all hooked up to steam boilers that were in the basement, but they were much older than what’s recommended for long term use. Of course we couldn’t control the temperature in our rooms so it was always uncomfortable, no matter what season we were in at any given moment. I enjoyed my time at Whitworth, but I wish the HVAC systems in the dormitories had been better while I was a student at that school.

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I’m relieved buying cannabis in a dry place like Denver after suffering from mold allergies

Struggling with sinus and respiratory allergies is bad enough regardless of what kind of region in which you reside.

But when your allergies are constantly aggravated by environmental triggers that are particularly bad in your area, it can be extremely frustrating coping with the daily symptoms.

For me it was the horrors of mold spores growing up near the humid swamplands. They would get into my house and wreak havoc if I didn’t keep the humidity level super low whenever I possibly could. It’s a lot harder to safely grow cannabis in this kind of environment as well. Dehumidifiers have to be used in both the grow rooms and the curing rooms to prevent mold spores from propagating and spreading throughout a crop. Large amounts of cannabis plants can be lost from mold, or “bud rot” as it is often called. I struggled to find good cannabis at dispensaries in my home state without occasionally getting batches that had a “musty” odor upon opening and would give me headaches and a runny nose whenever I’d smoke them. Now that I’m buying all of my cannabis in an extremely dry and arid city like Denver, Colorado, I never get moldy batches of weed. All of the cannabis that I have purchased from the five dozen different dispensaries that I’ve personally visited here has been clean and mold-free. People claim that the weed in California is better than the weed in Colorado, but I think those people have yet to visit Denver and Boulder. The rocky mountains are a perfect climate for cannabis cultivation.

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I feel productive after a few hits of Blue dream

Blue Dream is one of my favorite sativa strains.

It can be hard to find from time to time. In San Francisco, it is a favorite and often out of stock. It seems like the spring months are the best time to find the strain, so maybe it grows well during the colder months. My friends and I were hanging out at home on Friday night and I decided to order recreational cannabis supplies from a dispensary a few blocks away from our apartment. It was cold and rainy outside, so I had the items delivered. The recreational cannabis shop offers free delivery every night of the week as long as you spend at least $75. I tried to add a couple of items to the online cart, but the page wasn’t working. I decided to contact the San Francisco recreational cannabis shop instead. I called the phone number several times before someone actually picked up the phone. The budtender at the San Francisco recreational cannabis shop told me that the place was busy. She apologized for the delay in answering the phone. He was aware of the online order problems and told me this was the reason for the busy shop. I ordered all of the items on my list, including several grams of cannabis concentrate and a 5-pack of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. The pre-rolls were the sativa strain called blue dream, and they tasted and smelled exactly like blueberries. After a few hits of the blue dream, I certainly felt very productive and ready to tackle the day.


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I was only fifteen minutes later for class

There are a lot of jobs available in the Tampa Bay area, but I decided to pursue a career in heating and air conditioning services.

My dad and my uncle are both in service careers.

My uncle works as a heating and air conditioning repair technician and my dad is a plumber in Tampa. I grew up working with my hands as well. I decided to enter the heating and air conditioning service career, after going to an informative seminar at school. The average salary for an HVAC service technician is well over $50,000 in the Tampa Bay area. That’s all I needed to hear to sign up for the technical school program. During my first semester of school, I had an instructor that was a real jerk. The guy didn’t answer a lot of questions and he wasn’t a very good teacher. One time I was 15 minutes late for class and the guy locked the door and would not let me inside. I tried to explain that my reason for being tardy was due to excessive traffic outside of the city, but my instructor didn’t want to hear the excuse. He made me sit outside the door and would not open it. I missed an entire class and I had to get notes from a different student. When I took the exam later that week, I realized that I had missed a great deal of important information while I was sitting outside of the classroom trying to listen to the lecture. I was happy when that class was finally over.



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The Albuquerque Museum of Art and History is a warm building on a cold winter day

It’s winter in Albuquerque and temperatures are dropping every single week.

My mornings now involve remote-starting my car 10 minutes before I walk outside my front door.

If I’m lucky the interior will get warm enough where I’m not shivering to death on my way to the office. The drive on Interstate 25 can be hectic if there is any ice or snow on the pavement, which is concerning if you’re not used to driving in these conditions. I take I25 until I reach the exit Montgomery Blvd and I follow that road for several miles until I get to Loma Del Rey where our office is located. Yesterday I was off from work and needed to kill a few hours in the afternoon while the HVAC worker fixed my central heating system in my house. I looked on my phone but remembered that a friend told me to check out the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History. I learned that Albuquerque has over a dozen different museums, but the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History had just upgraded their HVAC system inside the building. This seemed like a perfect place to spend the afternoon on a cold winter day. Right as I entered the front doors at the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History, I could feel the rush of warm air coming from the building’s steam boilers. Some indoor places and businesses have only minimal heating to keep their guests and customers comfortable during their trips. Normally I would simply turn on my own heater, but I needed a place to stay for the afternoon while I got my heater fixed.

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The lady was confused about the service call

She verified the address and the phone number, but she still denied making the phone call to the HVAC service company.

I received a telephone call from a customer that needed service on the furnace in her home. I drove all the way from Evansville, IN to the Vincennes address. I tried to contact the customer when I was halfway to her home. I wanted to let the woman know that I was enroute and on the way. I had spoken with her about an hour before, but I wanted to give her an update. No one answered the phone, but I continued driving to the address. When I arrived at the address listed on the repair ticket, I knocked on the door and waited for the woman to answer. I knocked three times before an old woman finally answered the door. She looked like she was asleep. I told the woman that I was from the HVAC company and I was there to repair the furnace. The woman looked surprised and confused. She told me that she had not called for an HVAC service representative. I asked a woman to verify her address and I asked if her phone number was the same as the number on the repair ticket. She verified the address and the phone number, but she still denied making the phone call to the HVAC service company. I couldn’t argue with the lady, so I turned around and drove all the way back to Evansville. That was a huge waste of my time and my gas. If that lady calls again, I’m going to refer her to a service closer to home. I’m not sending anyone else all the way from Evansville for a confused customer.

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Fishing and weed

If I want to see the neighborhood from thousands of feet up, I can visit the CN Tower as well

My dad and I love to go camping and fishing. Since my sister never liked outside recreation, I would accompany my dad whenever he went on hikes into the woods adjacent to our house. We formed a special relationship whenever we were sitting together in nature, listening to the majestic sounds of the forest. He taught me how to watch for animals and what to do if I ever encountered a bear while alone or with others in the wilderness. Because of the skills my father taught me, I feel so much more confident that I could survive indefinitely outside of society if I ever needed to get away from the insanity. However, the cold in Manitoba is downright brutal, so I eventually moved to Toronto to get close to the banks of Lake Ontario. Despite the lake-effect snow, the Toronto area is much warmer than my family’s old apartment in Winnipeg. Despite residing in Toronto, I love driving north to sites like Lake Simcoe to go camping and fishing. This past weekend I stopped at a certainly enjoyable weed dispensary in Newtonbrook on Drewry Ave. I decided to purchase a package of pre-rolled joints so I could smoke them along the banks of Lake Simcoe. I love being in Toronto and being around the people, however occasionally I need to get out to the countryside to feel again like what I did when I was still young in Manitoba. Periodically I will take my cannabis vaporizer pen with me out to Lake Ontario and take a ferry out to the Toronto Islands. If I want to see the neighborhood from thousands of feet up, I can visit the CN Tower as well. Living in Toronto is definitely more exciting than my former life in Winnipeg.

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A great spot to take a puff

Before I moved to Toronto, I was a resident of the area of MI known as “the thumb.” Since lower MI looks like an oven mit, the portion of the state that literally resembles a human thumb was given that name.

More recognizably, I lived in Port Huron near the Canadian border and the neighborhood of Sarnia.

I remember taking trips into Canada over the Blue Water Bridge with my family in the years before passports were required for travel in and out of the US. We would hop onto Highway 402 and drive east until extending to Highway 401 just out of London, Ontario. If we stayed on Highway 401 and drove northeast we’d eventually make it to Toronto. This was a fun drive to make because we had relatives residing just out of Toronto in Pickering along the banks of Frenchman’s Bay in Lake Ontario. All of us friends would get on bikes and ride down to Beachfront Park. Now that I’m residing in Toronto as a resident, going to the banks of Lake Ontario with a disposable cannabis vape pen is 1 of my all time preferred things to do. Periodically I rent a paddle board so I can appreciate my cannabis out on the open waters. These cannabis vaporizer pens are available at most cannabis dispensaries and are easy to conceal just about somewhere respected nicotine vaping is allowed. I try to limit myself to outdoor places so I’m not pushing the chance of getting caught too much, especially if I tried to watch a Maple Leaf’s hockey game at Scotiabank Arena.


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A new kind of cannabis shop

I was overjoyed when cannabis was allowed for recreational use in Canada in 2018.

Although we could obtain legal weed with a physician’s recommendation from 2001, the Cannabis Act was a large step forward for Canadians and visitors of Canada who use marijuana.

It’s not a large surprise since public opinion polls showed that roughly 69% of Canadians favored an end to cannabis prohibition as far back as 1997. And as such, the Canadian government legalized medical cannabis a few years later in 2001. There were several medical designations under which a licensed physician in Canada could prescribe medical cannabis to an interested patient. It’s no surprise that by the end of that decade, there was a push among marijuana advocates to legalize cannabis for recreational use in the entire country. Following the legalization of recreational cannabis in a number of states during the mid 2010s, the Canadian government followed suit in 2018. Now I and all of my fellow Canadian citizens can purchase cannabis in this country without getting persecuted morally or criminally. I live in Mississauga, although I work in Toronto and correctly shop at cannabis stores in the metro city. I’m happy about this modern cannabis dispensary that just opened in North York on Sheppard Ave. They have several sativa and indica strains of cannabis flower products, although I was more interested in cannabis edibles like RSO and cannabis candy products. RSO is a full spectrum product so I purchased a syringe along with a jar of cannabis flower buds. I guess I’ll be going to see this cannabis dispensary in North York the next time I’m driving through the area.

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