Dad got a business opportunity in Santa Barbara, and I went with him

Last summer, I was home from college to spend time with my dad.

He was doing well, but I worried about him being alone at home.

So, as my college friends went off on trips, I flew home to surprise him. He was not expecting me to be home when he came from work. You should have seen the dramatic way he entered the house, thinking it was a burglar who’d found their way in. Armed with something from his car, I saw him open the door and walk around. I did not jump out and yell in surprise lest he hit me. All I did was stand some few feet behind him, wait a bit, then ask what he was doing. Needless to say, he was a mixture of emotions. We embraced then talked for some time while getting dinner ready. Dad told me he was happy I was home, but he would be leaving in a week. He was going on a business trip to Santa Barbara for two weeks. He asked me if I wanted to stay at home or join him. Since the whole aim of coming home was to spend time with him, I opted to join him. Besides, I was elated at the thought of visiting a city I’d never been to. That night was spent researching all the places I could tour while my dad was busy with his numerous meetings. I also put down areas we could go together on the list when he had some time to spare. I knew weed is legal in Santa Barbara and planned to indulge while there. I had such a wonderful time exploring the magnificent city and getting to visit the marijuana dispensaries.

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My sister and I visited the Hartman Arboretum in Evansville, Indiana

He began working on this masterpiece in 2001, and the Hartman family maintains it to date

Since we were young, our parents instilled a sense of love and responsibility for the planet. We recycled and lived a green life as much as possible. One way they helped us love and appreciate the world was to show us the magic of nature. We had traveled to so many beautiful places across the country and planet. We got to see lovely flora and fauna while embracing different cultures. Every year, we’d pick a location on the map and go for a visit. But when we left for college, these trips became less frequent. Last summer, I chose to go back home instead of traveling with friends. I wanted us to plan a new trip, even if it was just within the country. My sister came with news of a new place she had just discovered. She wanted us to tour Evansville, Indiana, and see the Hartman Arboretum. We made plans, booked a hotel, and paid for flight tickets. But at the last minute, our parents couldn’t make it due to work commitments. They made us go without them, and we enjoyed the trip more than we had thought we would. Summer was here and quite hot when we landed in Indiana. My first thought was I hoped the hotel rooms had an excellent cooling unit to keep us comfortable. The day after we arrived, we went to the Hartman Arboretum and were quite blown away by the experience. It was one of the few Arboretums I had seen located on private property and was designed by one of the owners, Grant Hartman. He began working on this masterpiece in 2001, and the Hartman family maintains it to date. Inside, other visitors and we got a chance to tour three magnificent gardens plus a stampery and a native vine arbor.

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Dad was adamant he could not leave Denver without going to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Imagine growing up in a home where everyone was a scientist.

Mom and dad both worked for a successful private lab in the city.

My brother was off to university to study microbiology, and our second born was already winning lots of awards in school for science contests. Then there’s me. I take after my grandmother, who is a successful artist. Her paintings are loved across the world. We feel like the odd ones out in our family since everyone else always has something scientific to say. You should see the places we vacation as a family. Museums are at the top of the list of attractions to visit. So it came as no surprise when dad demanded we go to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science last summer during our vacation in Denver, Colorado. My grandma and I had won the contest of where we should vacation. Our goal was to enjoy time at the Rocky mountains and get some inspiration. We got there mid-summer, and the heat was not merciful at all. Thankfully, the hotel we’d booked had an excellent indoor cooling system to keep all of us comfortable. Dad had mentioned the museum a couple of times during the stay, but we always managed to go somewhere else. Finally, two days before we were due to fly out, he put his foot down, and we all headed to the museum. It turned out to be such a neat place and inspired some paintings I would do once we got back home. The Denver Museum had quite a collection, from Egyptian mummies to dinosaur bones. Dad was an avid lover of everything to do with ancient Egypt, so this was the highlight of the vacation.


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Air conditioning is key here

When I travelled to Spokane WA, I saw many different sites.

I couldn’t believe how hot it was in the summer, and there were homeless people hanging out under the trees.

There was very little humidity, so once you got out of the sun, it made a big difference. I saw a sign on the window of a church and it read, ‘Welcome to our Cooling Center’. I wondered what they meant by a Cooling Center. I went into the church and I began to ask questions. Being a writer, I was always interested in learning new things. The priest told me that when the temperatures got into the nineties, they opened the church for people to come in and keep cool. The doors were always unlocked and they had the air conditioning on from morning till night. He said it was their way of helping to keep the homeless safe. Many times, it was just the children who came in, or the elderly. There were some elderly who had their own homes, but they couldn’t afford to either have their air conditioning repaired, or to purchase an air conditioning unit. They didn’t care what their denomination was, or where they came from. Everyone was welcomed into the Cooling Center. He went on to tell me that there were many different areas in the city that offered their stores and libraries for people to be safe during extreme heat. I walked out of the cooling center with a smile on my face, knowing that people care about the people of their city of Spokane WA.

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Albuquerque is a huge city with lots of fun for tourists

Albuquerque is easily the largest city in the state of New Mexico. It was estimated that nearly 1 million people live in the city of Albuquerque as of July of 2020. Albuquerque is located in the northern part of New Mexico and it is the main city in Bernalillo County. Albuquerque is known for some of the most amazing landscapes. It has an elevation of 4900 feet, making it one of the highest US cities. Each year the city of Albuquerque hosts the international balloon fiesta. This is one of the largest gatherings in the world for hot air balloon enthusiasts. Thousands of hot air balloons line the skies and it is quite an awesome sight to see. I don’t prefer heights, but it still looks like a lot of fun. Albuquerque is a huge city with lots of wonderfully fun activities for tourists. There are many different Museums, art galleries, and specialty shops all over the city. Another great reason to visit Albuquerque is the fact that New Mexico recently decided to legalize recreational marijuana. Anyone visiting Albuquerque can legally purchase recreational marijuana from a number of dispensaries located across the city. Albuquerque has even decriminalized the use of marijuana in public, so there is less risk of getting into trouble. The prices on legal marijuana supplies are a little higher than some other places around the country, but we are proud to be one of the few states with legal recreational and medical cannabis. If you find yourself in need of a little adventure, there are hundreds of fun activities right here in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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I like going to visit Fort De soto

Living in the Tampa Bay area is easily difficult, because there is a great deal of heat in addition to humidity.

  • My family in addition to myself moved to a Tampa neighborhood several months ago.

The people I was with in addition to myself are still becoming accustomed to the heat in addition to humidity. After High Noon, the hot in addition to cold temperatures soar to Triple digits. If the kids in addition to myself want an outdoor activity, the people I was with in addition to myself go during early morning hours before outdoor temperatures become tap it in addition to uncomfortable. One place my family in addition to myself love to go is Fort Desoto State Park. Fort Desoto State Park is one of the Pinellas County Parks. It is about an hour south of St Petersburg. Fort DeSoto Park consists of five keys consisting of Christopher key, Bonne Fortune key, Mullet Key, and Madeline key. These tiny islands are linked together by a single Bridge. The islands were always military but now they have become part of the state park system. Fort De Soto is easily a preferred place for the kids especially during spring months when the people I was with, in addition to myself can spend the day having fun at the beach. Even during May it is warm in addition to humid, but March in addition to May can be the perfect months for exploring the beach in addition to taking a very long walk. I care about living in Tampa and also St Petersburg and I proposed my family in addition to myself will stay here a long time.


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Hockey is still one of my favorite sports

Most folks don’t know that Tampa Bay has an ice hockey team.

  • The Tampa Bay team is called the lightning.

Tampa Bay isn’t the first place that most people would assume of when assuming about ice hockey. Still, Tampa Bay has a sizable base of fans for the hockey team. The people I was with in addition to myself care for the team. In fact, neither of us were hockey fans before moving to the Tampa City. It’s straightforward to get really into sports when all people in my job are watching the games. They talk ice hockey lots and they always want to discuss the port during the season. I did not look enjoy an idiot in front of a modern colleague so I had to learn some information about ice hockey. Someone invited myself in addition to others to join them for a hockey game. They had some tickets to the game but the spousal could no longer go. She was forced to work late so my colleague asked myself in addition to others. Though I was not a sizable hockey fan, the game, lights, in addition to excitement for second to none. It took but a single game for myself in addition to others to become and ice hockey fan. Just three years later I am easily a single of the biggest Tampa Bay Lightning hockey fans. It is one of my favorite sports in addition to do there is not a single fan bigger than me. Ice hockey in Tampa Bay is alive in addition to well even in the heart of this warm and humid city.

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College life was difficult for me

The people and also myself grew up in rural areas surrounded by corn and addition to potatoes.

  • The people in addition to myself wanted to leave that place badly in addition to college was easily the answer.

The people in addition to myself studied each in addition to every morning and also at night. We never went to parties with our friends or hung out at the skating rink. The people in addition to myself concentrated on good grades so we could easily attend any college of our choice. After middle school, I had my option to check out numerous colleges. I applied for a school located in Tampa Bay, Florida. The people I was with an addition to myself were really gleeful to attend this Tampa Bay University. They agreed to supply myself in addition to others with a full scholarship. My dad and mom were terribly unhappy that I wanted to transport 2000 miles from my home, but I was easily ready to leave that place. I really wanted to leave town but did not actually anticipate missing the place after leaving. I was not really accustomed to heat in addition to humidity. The Tampa Bay weather is a lot unusual than the weather where I lived. I thought there would be more heat in addition to humidity, but it felt enjoy hell. Every time any of us went outdoors, I immediately wished I was living somewhere other than in Tampa Bay. The humidity was so awful that I decided to transfer back to a school by Mom and Dad after the second year in Tampa.

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The villages near Tampa Bay are really pretty

My spouse in addition to myself is looking for some houses near the Tampa Bay Area. The people I was with in addition to myself were ecstatic to live near Hillsborough County. The people I was with in addition to myself were definitely hoping to be closer to Tampa Bay. The people I was with in addition to myself searched for numerous months because the people I was with in addition to myself had a list of possibilities that the people I was with in addition to myself wanted in our modern home. The place needed a pool because the temperate region has tepid and humid weather during summer months. The people I was with in addition to myself looked at several lake houses with in-ground pools, but the AC in addition to heat pump was terribly aged. The homeowner didn’t want to bring the price down so the people I was with in addition to myself could afford to substitute the system. Lucky for the two of us, Tampa Bay has very nice Villages. After numerous weeks of looking, our realtor actually found the perfect place for the both of us. The four dining room Ranch has a formal Kitchen in addition to a formal family room. The Village has numerous community pools in addition to a big playground in addition to water slides. The people I was with in addition to myself have a top-notch heating in addition to cooling plan and we only paid the asking price on the house.
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The food in Tampa is top notch

My bestie in addition to myself went for dinner on Tuesday evening.

The people I was with in addition to myself decided to visit the Tampa Bay Area.

There was a nice Italian Bistro with great online reviews. My spouse had some tortellini with clams, scallops, and addition to Big pieces of crap. I had a more traditional dish. The order total was nearly $100 in addition to what I actually paid with my credit card. Dinner was certainly nice for both of us in addition to we were tired after having pasta. The people I was with in addition to myself headed home. It was nearly an hour to go to the lake house from Tampa. The Tampa Bay traffic was heavier because of a more than two car accident. When my bestie in addition to myself got modern home from the Steakhouse, I put the food in the kitchen and went to bed. The people I was with in addition to myself got up for work on the next morning in addition to went to work. When I stopped for gas in addition to search the car, I was unable to find the credit card. I could not locate the card at all and only remembered having it at the steakhouse on the night before. Unfortunately, I was forced to skip work on that morning so I could drive all the way back to Tampa in order to retrieve the card. The food was really good but I did not plan on going back to the restaurant the next day to find and pick up my debit card.



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