Great day with the kids in San Francisco

My husband and I enjoy taking the kids to new places where they can learn about science, animals, technology and history.

San Francisco, CA is a really great place to visit.

We are lucky to live close by. My family resides in the foothills of San Francisco. We like to visit the bay area as much as possible. We have three kids that are ages ten, six and four. We have a combination of two boys and a girl. Their interests and maturity levels are quite diverse. There is something for everyone to enjoy in San Francisco. I love shopping there. There are so many little boutiques selling very unique and unusual things. I can find everything from gorgeous shoes and handbags to jewelry, linens and home decor items. My husband loves the restaurants. Within a few blocks, we can switch from pizza to deli-style to Thai or Japanese food. He particularly loves going to Chinatown for the egg rolls and pork dumplings. All of the kids like to head to the beach. We always bring along pails and shovels to build a sand castle. There are plenty of waves for splashing and swimming. We also look for starfish and sand dollars. Sometimes we visit Fisherman’s wharf just to people-watch and check out the fresh seafood. My oldest son likes the Observation Gallery. Now and then we take the kids to the San Francisco zoo to see the exotic and endangered animals. My younger son loves the reptile house. We can always count on really beautiful weather for our visits. It’s always a moderate temperature with a nice breeze and plenty of sunshine.

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Cheap weed brings me to the west coast

When I decided to relocate to the West Coast because of cheap weed, I didn’t realize the cost of living was going to drain my budget.

  • I researched the online menus and prices for recreational marijuana and saw everything was half the price of the prices I was paying.

That settled my decision to move. Having a relative already living in San Francisco also made the transfer a little easier. My Aunt Rose said I could stay with her until I got on our feet. I assumed she meant a few months. Aunt Rose was ready for me to move out after a couple of days. All of a sudden, I was searching for cheap lodgings in San Francisco. I barely had a hundred dollars in my bank account. I read a few ads on craigslist. One of those ads was from a lady who needed someone to take care of her elederly grandpa during the day in exchange for free housing. The best part about the job is the location. I am just a few blocks away from a large cannabis dispensary. Even better, my new residence is in a really lovely neighborhood. I have access to a pool and a hot tub.My rooms are spacious and modern and I have a private entrance. I never could afford anything that nice in San Francisco. This job fell into my lap at the perfect time in my life. I think Aunt Rose is jealous when I mention my job and my accommodations.. She didn’t welcome me to live at her house, but that turned out better for me in the end.


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It's expensive to live in CA

CA has an especiallyblarge LGBTQ population.

Probably the most in the entire country.

San Francisco always ranks at the top of the list. Gay pride has increased in CA and it can be clearly seen all across San Francisco. The streets are outfitted in pride symbols, rainbow flags and LGBT friendly paraphernalia. Diversity is embraced in San Francisco. It is one of the benefits that I enjoy most about the bay area and the city. I moved to San Francisco a few years ago for a variety of reasons. I didn’t like the weather in the midwest. The area wasn’t an ideal setting to explore my sexuality. I knew I was gay from an early age. I am also a daily marijuana smoker. I knew that recreational cannabis was 100% legal in CA. Plus, recreational weed is about half the price I was paying prior to the move. Cannabis is more abundant, often homegrown and the strains are endless. The supply is incredible and each dispensary features unique products, sales and specials. I got a job working in a weed dispensary close to my apartment. The job covers the bills, but I have to work a second job at a clothing boutique in downtown San Francisco to pay my rent. There is no way for me to survive the living expenses in San Francisco unless I work more than one job. It’s a wonderful location to live and work, but it isn’t cheap. My apartment is small and nothing special but costs more than a luxury apartment whereI am originally from. I don’t even have a central AC.

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Finding an affordable rental house in San Francisco

When I learned that my wife was offered a position at the San Francisco zoo, I instantly began looking at nearby real estate.

  • I knew it was going to be expensive to buy a house anywhere near the San Francisco zoo, but I didn’t want her making a long commute every day to and from work.

It was fortunate that she was given a full month to relocate before starting the new job. It took a long time to find a place to live in the area. We didn’t end up finding a house to buy. We found a rental property close to the zoo. The house is the perfect size for our needs. We have three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a big living room for our family of four. The house includes a large backyard for the kids to play. There’s plenty of room to have a dog. My wife was so excited over her new job at the San Francisco zoo. She dreamed of working with endangered animals ever since she was a little girl. She attended UC San Francisco and completed her master’s degree while interning at the botanical gardens. She started her job a couple of weeks after we settled into our rental house in the bay area. We love our new home and location. Once we were settled, I visited a cannabis shop in town. The cannabis shop is right next door to the grocery store. I applied for a job there. I am a licensed budtender. The industry is growing so rapidly that I have no trouble getting hired.
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It’s great to be back in California.

My family moved to the bay area when I was seven years old.

My dad was stationed at the army base outside of San Francisco.

My brother and I always wanted to go to the beach. We spent a lot of time playing in the water in San Francisco. My first experience with an earthquake was shortly after we moved to the bay area. I remember it quite clearly in my mind. I was hanging out with some friends in the basement. We were playing video games. We stopped to get a snack from upstairs. My mom was baking us some cookies and made chocolate milk. We were all sitting in the kitchen when the milk in the pitcher started to shake. At first, it was only a slight vibration. Eventually, the whole house began to shake. It was aggressive and strong. Dishes fell over and smashed. I was terrified. My friends were frightened too. However, they were more familiar with the ground shaking under their feet. I had never experienced an earthquake before arriving in California. After I graduated from high school, I chose a college in New York. I wasn;t sure I’d ever return to the west coast again. When marijuana was legalized for recreational purposes in California, I wanted to go back to my home state again. I missed the weather and the chance for cheap and legal weed appealed to me. I packed up my stuff and headed west. My mom and dad still lived in the bay area. They were thrilled to have me back. I didn’t admit that I chose to move for legal weed. There are many reasons why it’s great to be back in California.

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Heading to Chinatown for egg rolls

Chinatown is located in San Francisco, CA.

It is home to one of the greatest concentrations of Chinese culture. There are more Chinese restaurants and people here than anywhere else outside of China. The initial Chinese immigrants migrated to San Francisco in the 1850s. The first Chinese-only school opened its doors in San Francisco ten years later. Sometime in the 1740s, California created a set of laws intended to protect Chinese plus Japanese immigrants in the country. Early in the twentieth century, the first Chinese hospital was constructed to serve the medical needs of the Chinese population in the community. There are a great deal of historical venues in Chinatown that are worth visiting. The restaurants offer some of the best, traditional Chinese cuisine anywhere in the country. One of my favorite reasons to make the trip to San Francisco is the egg rolls in Chinatown. There is nowhere else in California or the whole country that sells egg rolls that taste as amazing as those in Chinatown. I live 2 and a half hours away from San Francisco. It’s a long drive and traffic is usually awful. I make a special trip whenever I am in the mood for egg rolls. Last weekend, I was feeling adventurous. I wanted to do something fun and different, so I asked a friend to join me. We drove all the way to the bay after work. I had decided to spend the weekend there. We devoted the first evening to Chinatown. We sampled different types of dishes from several vendors. There was no way I was missing out on the egg rolls. We booked a hotel nearby. The hotel was right in-between some cute little clothing shops and a cannabis dispensary. The next morning, we strolled the streets and shopped. We bought some very overpriced clothes and some very cheap weed. The clothes were not the greatest quality but the weed was excellent.

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Visiting Fisherman’s wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf has been a popular attraction in San Francisco, CA for a very long time.

It is an interesting area to walk around and devote an afternoon to.

The area got the name of Fisherman’s Wharf because of the amount of fishermen who settled in the neighborhood during the 1740s. Fisherman’s Wharf is still an active hub where fishermen sell their day’s catch. Fisherman’s Wharf includes Ghirardelli Square. It is a public landmark that features eating establishments, clubs, shops and accommodations. The area draws tourists because of the Ghirardelli chocolate factory. They manufacture and sell really delicious chocolates. My girlfriend and I rent a house just outside of San Francisco. We are in a less expensive neighborhood in CA. I suggested Fisherman’s Wharf as a fun area to visit for a date night. There is so much going on there in the evening. My girlfriend was excited when I mentioned driving to San Francisco. She loves the area. A bonus for us was the excellent prices on recreational weed. We have access to recreational marijuana shops where we live, but the prices are much higher. We also don’t have the selection. While we were in San Francisco, we stopped at a couple of shops and bought some concentrates, vapes and edibles to take back home. My girlfriend and I chose a seafood restaurant by the water for dinner and the food was excellent. We had a really great time. It’s too expensive to live there but we really enjoy the visit now and then.



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Quick trip to the west coast

My wife and I always plan something fun to celebrate our anniversary.

This past year, she suggested we fly to the West Coast for a few days.

Usually, we go to the beach and rent a condo for a couple of days. We had earned a lot of miles on our credit card. My wife has always wanted to see San Francisco, CA. I was excited by the idea. We booked our flights online and used our miles for an especially low fare. Because of this, we were able to book first class seats. The flight was straight through to San Francisco. When we landed and entered the terminal, we immediately started to see advertisements for marijuana dispensaries. Even in the baggage claim, I counted six different cannabis dispensary advertisements. My wife made a comment about stopping by a cannabis dispensary. Since weed is legal for recreational purposes, I thought this was a great idea. Once we got checked into our hotel and dropped our bags, she looked up the locations of the cannabis shops near our hotel. Because of how many there are in San Francisco, we found one only two blocks away. My wife and I enjoyed the walk to the shop. We browsed their flower, pre-rolls, edibles and concentrates. We bought a couple of items to try during our stay in the bay area. My wife and I visited all sorts of interesting spots throughout San Francisco. We had a wonderful time on the Pacific coast. I loved the weather and the scenery. There was so much to do buy everything was very expensive.
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San Francisco is an issue

The best time to visit San Francisco, CA, is during the Spring.

I work at a weed dispensary as a delivery driver.

Most of the time, the roads are congested. The traffic is heavy. Ever since the beginning of April, the traffic downtown has been especially bad. In the city San Francisco, it’s difficult to understand the layout of the streets. The map of the city is nothing like anywhere else in the country. I have lived in half of the states. My dad was in the Army for many years.My family moved every couple of years to a new place. When settled in San Francisco, CA, we never left. I haven’t lived anywhere but the bay area since our parents moved here in 2002. They retired and decided to stay here. I have no desire to live anywhere other than San Francisco. I found the job working at the cannabis dispensary by accident. I work on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Each of those afternoons, I put in eight hours. I earn enough in just tips to cover my groceries and utilities.It’s a great job. Lately, the traffic has been terrible.The streets are under construction and are filled with tourists. They take their time, inching along in order to look at everything. The license plates are from out of state or rental cars. I have been late on the cannabis deliveries. The customers are unhappy. I have asked the dispensary to allot more time for each delivery but this causes problems as well.


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California is very different than I imagined

I just love the weather

I always imagined CA would look just as I saw it in the movies. I pictured movie scenes with unique restaurants and shopping at stores like Gucci, Hugo Boss and Armani. I thought CA was filled with beautiful people, mountains and valleys and fancy cars. I assumed the desert area was reserved to the midwest. When I moved to the west coast, I was surprised by the geography. I moved into a neighborhood just outside the city limits of San Francisco. I found a place to share with three friends that I had gone to college with. We split the rent of a small house a short drive from San Francisco but it was still super expensive. I found a very different landscape than what I expected. Beyond the congestion and sprawl of the city, there are groves of lemon and orange trees. The giant Redwood forests are so impressive. Everything in CA is bigger than I expected. The number of marijuana dispensaries was especially shocking. I knew that cannabis was a major industry in California and growing by the day. However, in San Francisco, there seems to be a marijuana dispensary open on every corner. Each shop offers a unique menu of unusual strains, all sorts of edibles, loose flower, budder, shatter, vapes and all sorts of cannabis gear and accessories. I was aware that CA had legalized recreational marijuana use, but I was still amazed by the number of stores selling the product. My friends and I live in a rather cramped house near a public park where we can spread a blanket and lye in the sun. The area isn’t overly populated and yet there are three cannabis dispensaries within walking distance. Most of them are willing to deliver for a small fee. I really like living in CA. I just love the weather. The temperature never gets too cold or too hot and the sun shines all the time.

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