It was on a honeymoon to remember.

Everyone says they are planning on having a honeymoon to remember.

They plan on taking hundreds of photographs and putting them into a photo album.

They want to make sure that it is the most romantic honeymoon anyone could ever have. Unfortunately, most newlyweds do not know each other well enough to have such a long romantic honeymoon. Most of the photographs they take are on phones and forget to be transferred when they get a new phone. For my wife and I, we had already been living together for five years. Our honeymoon was the vacation we had been planning for the last three ‌of the five years we were living together. When we got to Toronto, Ontario, and realized they had legal recreational marijuana, we knew we were going to have a honeymoon that we wanted to remember. With three kids within three years, we needed this vacation/honeymoon. We headed to the Toronto, Ontario, downtown marijuana shop. We chose several marijuana products and took them back to her the hotel. We checked all the laws to see if it was legal for us to use the marijuana products in the Toronto, Ontario hotel. We did not leave the hotel room for the next three days, ordered all of our food through room service, and relaxed more than we had in the last five years. I don’t know if it was the marijuana, or just being in Toronto, Ontario, but we had a good time. We never got to see Niagara Falls, but I guess it wasn’t necessary. It was a honeymoon we would always remember.

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I didn't like spending all day in the heat

During the summer that I turned 21, I found myself working at the Seattle Aquatic Center in town.

I went to work every morning at 6 a.m.

and I didn’t get home until after the sun was starting to go down. I didn’t have a particularly difficult job. I was a lifeguard at the pool and it was my responsibility to make sure that none of the children drowned. Sometimes I helped out with the junior swim classes. After a month of sitting outside in the heat, I was ready for a different job. My skin was twenty shades darker and I had big sunburns marks on my shoulders and knees. One of my friends told me about a job opportunity at a Seattle dispensary. The Seattle dispensary was hiring, but you had to be 21 years old. My friend wasn’t old enough yet, but my birthday had been the previous week. I got the information from my friend and I contacted the dispensary in Seattle to see if they were still hiring. The manager got on the phone and asked if I could come to the building for an interview on the same day. I could not get out of work until 5 p.m., but the Seattle marijuana dispensary manager waited for me to arrive. She started the interview as soon as I walked through the door. We talked for 15 or 20 minutes and then she offered me a job working inside of the dispensary. I didn’t even have to take a drug test, because you don’t have to worry about marijuana when you work in a dispensary.



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The commercial repair company went belly up after two years

It’s really hard for a small business to stay afloat.

It’s important to pick the right business and timing is important too.

I decided to attend technical school after high school and I learned how to repair and service heat pumps, furnaces, and air conditioners. I found a job working for a Tampa Bay service provider. Not long after I got the job, I was promoted to the lead technician position. I learned really quickly about all of the different systems. Two years later, I decided to start a company of my own. I handle most specialty heating and air conditioning equipment as well as air filtration equipment like air purifiers, water filters, and air cleaning equipment. I install ventilation systems and ductwork. I have a large amount of commercial business, because I am one of the only companies in the area that have a crew of Nate certified technicians on staff. A large commercial repair company came to town about 2 years ago. I honestly thought I was going to be in trouble, because the place had low prices. Thankfully for me but unfortunately for the customer, the place did not have very good customer service. The reviews were horrible and the commercial repair company in Tampa Bay went belly up in less than 2 years. My business is still thriving after 10, so I am clearly doing something right that other businesses aren’t doing. My prices are competitive and I work hard for all of the technicians to maintain a great relationship with the customers. I believe we go the extra mile and I am almost certain this is the reason why we stand apart from the other competitors.

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After Christmas, all of the tree items were on sale

The marijuana dispensary on the west side of town had a huge promotion during the Christmas season.

They had a tree in the lobby with a variety of ornaments hanging from the branches.

Each one of the items was something special. The items were $20 each, but you didn’t know what you were going to get. I never took one of the boxes, because I was afraid I would get something like Edibles that I would not be able to use. After the holidays were over, the Denver dispensary offered all of the leftover boxes at a huge discount. When the boxes were discounted, I decided to pick 3 items out of the case. The first box had a half gram jar of cannabis distillate. The Cannabis distillate was an Indica strain that I knew very well. The second box from the Denver dispensary contained a gram of top-shelf infused flower. That was probably the best item out of the three boxes. The infused marijuana goes for a whopping $30 each gram. The third box contains a battery for a vape pen. The pods for that particular battery are much more expensive than I would prefer to pay, so I gave that item to one of my friends. I kept all of the other products that I got from the Denver marijuana dispensary. I hope they have the same sale next year. I will wait until after the season sale and stock up on clearance products. I don’t mind having last season’s products at all as long as they are still within the sell-by date.

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My son is stationed two hours from the city

I wasn’t particularly happy when my son came home and told me that he was going to join the military.

To be honest, I wanted him to have a job in an office.

I didn’t want my baby to ever work a hard day in his life. He chose the military as his profession and I didn’t understand his decision. I tried to persuade him to change his mind, but ultimately I gave up and let him choose a future that he wanted. He moved around a lot for the first couple of years and then he settled down in a small city about 2 hours West of Denver. I decided to go to Denver last year to stay for two weeks. I stayed with a friend that lives in a retirement community in Denver. My son wanted me to stay with him, but I wanted to be in the city with my friends. I think my son understood. He came to visit several times while I was in Denver. My son was very surprised when he found out that I was using recreational marijuana products. It’s not as if it was a secret, but it was information that I had not previously shared with my son. I did not want him to have ill feelings towards me and I did not know his opinion on recreational marijuana. We had a very frank and honest discussion while I was in town and the two of us have a better relationship now than we ever did in the past.

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The dispensary finally called with a start date

I applied for a management position at a San Francisco marijuana dispensary.

I had an interview 3 weeks ago and it went very well. I had a second interview a couple of days later. The following day I received a phone call from the district manager of the marijuana dispensary in San Francisco. He wanted to congratulate me on getting the job. She told me that someone would call me in a couple of days to set up the next steps in the process. I honestly thought that might mean another interview. I didn’t hear anything for a week and I was starting to lose my mind. I wanted to call the district manager, but I was trying my best to show patience. When the district manager finally called, I was absolutely relieved. I started last Monday. The marijuana dispensary in San Francisco is about 45 minutes away from my home. It’s a lengthy drive, so I had to be sure to get the salary that I requested. When I first spoke with the district manager of the San Francisco marijuana dispensary, the job was being offered at $10,000 less per year than I felt the job was worth. I counter offered with a higher number. That is likely the reason why it took so long for them to get back to me. Maybe they were trying to find someone else with the same experience that was willing to work at the dispensary for $10,000 less each year. I know my worth and I wasn’t going to make the daily commute for anything less than $85,000 a year.

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Some of the HOAs in Tarzana are against home cultivation of cannabis

Although the HOA rules in Tarzana are detailed for a host of different reasons, living in south Florida was arguably more agonizing when it came to dealing with neighbors and community organizations.

Some of the people who would join these associations would get petty over trivial issues, while others would willingly try to scam and defraud the residents.

I got in trouble over a constantly changing rule regarding the types of flowers we were permitted to have in view from the road. My friend who lives in a different HOA down the road was baffled when he looked at our charter rules one afternoon while we were enjoying a joint on my back porch. The neighborhoods on the south end of Tarzana start to climb into the foothills of the Santa Monica mountains, making it a highly desirable location that is visually similar to the Hollywood Hills but quieter and more serene for those who live here. I wish I could grow my own cannabis plants in my backyard here in Tarzana, but my HOA forbids it. California law states that anyone over the age of 21 is allowed to have up to six mature cannabis plants on their property, but that doesn’t protect you from rules implemented by a homeowner’s association or condo association. I could always grow my cannabis plants without telling anyone, but I could get in trouble if one of my neighbors sees my cannabis plants and rats me out to the homeowner’s association. It’s wonderful living in Tarzana, but I wish my HOA wasn’t so strict about every little rule. I want to have my right to grow a few cannabis plants as guaranteed by California state law.

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Recommendations of budtenders

With recreational marijuana legalized in New Mexico, I’ve been able to take advantage of natural health remedies.

Rather than spending a fortune on pharmaceuticals that can cause all sorts of unpleasant side-effects, I prefer cannabis.

The cannabis plant provides over 100 natural compounds called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids mimic endocannabinoids produced by the human body and interact with receptors that are part of a signaling system and responsible for homeostasis. The most abundant and common cannabinoid is THC. It is most well-known for the euphoric sensation it creates. The second most well-known cannabinoid is CBD. It is gaining notoriety and popularity for its many curative properties. Researchers are finding that products combining THC and CBD work better than when the individual cannabinoids on their own. This is called the entourage effect. I’ve learned all of this very helpful information from the budtenders at the local dispensary. Living in Albuquerque, I have easy accessibility to a recreational dispensary. Because I am over 21 years of age and have valid identification, I’m able to shop a wide variety of cannabis options. I’m able to take advantage of full-spectrum products that offer high concentrations of cannabinoids. There are a nearly endless list of strains offering everything from powerful THC potency to pure CBD. Along with the more traditional consumption methods, such as flower, pre-rolls and edibles, the dispensary carries an extensive collection of modern vapes, tinctures and topicals. I have just started exploring the many concentrates. Since they tend to be especially high in THC, I’m starting with very low doses. I am taking the recommendations of the budtenders.

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Understanding Ann Arbor’s marijuana fines and their enforcement

There has been a rocky history of cannabis laws in the United States.

For years it was used as a pharmaceutical medication for a variety of ailments, especially nausea.

When it was turned into a political weapon in the 1930s, the government sought to change the public perception of the plant. I can’t imagine being a person in their 30s or 40s and a life-long user of marijuana while watching the country devolve into a multi-generational drug war and prohibition on a plant of all things. The jazz community kept the use of cannabis alive in the countercultural scene, which influenced Beat writers like Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and William S. Burroughs. These gentlemen in turn influenced the entire hippy generation and their practices and values. During this burgeoning countercultural revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, student groups in Ann Arbor and other progressive American cities were pushing to change drug laws and the government’s reaction to drug offenses. They effectively pushed Ann Arbor into becoming one of the first cities in the United States to decriminalize cannabis and issued $5 fines to anyone busted in private or public with the plant. Assuming you weren’t carrying enough cannabis to look like an obvious drug dealer, you were fine. These days the fine is much larger, and you’re likely to find strict enforcement of the law against public intoxication. I wouldn’t want to risk an OUI in my car just from burning a joint on my way home from the grocery store. Ann Arbor might benefit from Michigan’s recreational cannabis status, but the police are not above arresting someone for public disturbances.



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We had to call someone all the way in Evansville

The extra service fee was well worth it when I realized that the service technician could fix the problem

Evansville is quite a long drive from my home in Vincennes, Indiana. I only go to Evansville when there is something that I need in particular. The Piggly Wiggly has everything I usually need, but sometimes I have to go to the hardware store or the Home Improvement store. These businesses are located in Evansville. My wife and I experienced some trouble with our furnace last winter and we contacted a local heating company to help. The heating company did not have an opening on the day that my wife and I called. I really didn’t want to wait until the next day to have the heating problem fixed. It was supposed to be 26 degrees that night. Even with space heaters, I was quite worried and concerned that the pipes would freeze overnight. My wife made a bunch of phone calls. She finally reached a heating company in Evansville. The company charged a small service fee for the long drive, but they offered to send a repair technician immediately. My wife and I had two choices. We could pay extra for service today or wait until the next day and pay lower prices. We decided to have the Evansville heating company come to the house. The extra service fee was well worth it when I realized that the service technician could fix the problem. After 45 minutes, the furnace problem was no longer an issue in my house. Even if the company charged me a gas fee for coming all the way out to the country, I would still use their services again.

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