Author: Missy

Investing into a new air conditioner

When I initially moved to Florida to accept a job opportunity, I rented an apartment in Tampa. I wasn’t happy in the city. I didn’t like the traffic and high cost of living. I checked the surrounding areas and really loved Lakeland. It’s east of Tampa and a fairly easy thirty-minute drive. Downtown’s Munn Park […]

Duct sealing process

Living in Elgin, Illinois, the weather is a year round difficulty. Winters are especially long, snowy and windy with temperatures steadily below freezing and often below zero. Summers are brutally hot and humid with temperatures regularly soaring into the eighties. The furnace trades off with the air conditioner, and the utility costs add up quickly. […]

Duct sealing process

Living in Elgin, Illinois, the weather is a year round difficulty, then winters are especially long, snowy as well as windy with uneven temperatures steadily below freezing as well as often below zero. Summers are brutally boiling as well as humid with uneven temperatures correctly soaring into the eighties, the boiler trades off with the […]

Not all the houses in Birmingham were great

I wasn’t too pleased to move to Birmingham, Alabama but I needed to for my husband’s work. We toured a whole bunch of houses to see what would work out best for our growing family. Myhusband is pretty cheap. He really liked the idea of living in a total crap hole of a house, remodeling […]

Consider your ductwork

Have you often looked up and thought about your ductwork? The ducts are often overlooked by homeowners. They are responsible for a lot though. The air ducts transfer heated and cooled air from room to room. They also keep your HVAC unit efficient, operating happy, and promote lower energy bills. When ductwork has a small […]

Need a humidifier to combat the dry air

Sioux Falls, SD deals with a lot of cold weather. That cold weather means my gas furnace starts up as early as Halloween and doesn’t let up until well after Easter. It is a long time with the forced air constantly recycling around the home. The doors and windows are all sealed up tight to […]

Getting heated flooring put in

I decided that I was going to redo my flooring in Minnesota. For years I have had the ugliest carpets in the world. They were these stained ugly looking brown shag rugs that came with the home. I hated the look, feel, smell, and the way they cleaned up. Finally I decided to treat myself. […]

What I do for HVAC in Florida

The winter season in St. Petersburg, FL is pretty underwhelming. What I mainly do is focus on the cooling situation. I have a high velocity AC plan that I use the majority of the year. The benefit of high velocity is the smaller than average ductwork. The ducts are half the size, bendy, and can […]

Realizing the benefits of a humidifier

When I relocated to Springfield, Missouri, I was eager to experience all four seasons. Born and raised in the deep south, I was accustomed to heat and humidity but had never seen snow. My first winter was a bit difficult. I was not prepared for temperatures in the low twenties and even the teens. I […]