Author: Missy

Handling AC maintenance on a hot day

I live and work in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. My job is extremely demanding and requires very long hours. I frequently work weekends and overtime. Getting a day completely off is rare. It can be difficult to keep up with regular household tasks. Last Saturday, I finally had a day free. I had a list of household […]

New air conditioner saves money

Summers in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, are especially long, hot and muggy. The air conditioner is a crucial component of a comfortable home. We need the central cooling system to combat temperatures in the mid to upper nineties on a regular basis. The air conditioner is essential to a good night’s sleep, productive day and healthy indoor […]

Installing radiant heated flooring

About five years ago, my husband and I completely renovated our house. We needed to tear down the old plaster walls, insulate and bring the electrical and plumbing systems up to code. Because of extensive water damage from a leaky roof, we also pulled out the ceilings and floors. Taking the house down to the […]

Diversity of weather in South Bend

Living in South Bend, Indiana, offers four different seasons. Each one brings something unique to appreciate. I always look forward to the spring, when the snow finally melts and the first flowers show up. The smell of the lilacs, hyacinths, lilies of the valleys and flowering trees is just lovely. Summers tend to be hot […]

Happy with heated floors

I don’t need to arrange furniture to accommodate vents. One of my favorite things about my house in Springfield, Missouri, is the heated floors. When we first toured the property, I wasn’t thrilled to discover a boiler in the basement. I believed that boilers were noisy, dirty and expensive to operate. I knew that a […]

New furnace and air conditioner are worthwhile investment

Springfield, Missouri, is a really wonderful place to live. There are lots of jobs, a reasonable cost of living and a strong economy. The people are extremely friendly and the natural beauty of the landscape is incredible. I just love the rolling hills, extensive woodlands, running streams, public parks and miles of pristine lakes. Along […]

Debating over air filters

Living in St Petersburg, Florida, the air conditioner is an essential component of the household. The cooling system operates just about year round. I hope to shut off the AC, open the windows and enjoy some fresh air during the months of January, February and March. The high heat and excessive humidity create a big […]

Home gym is not temperature controlled

Summers in St Petersburg, Florida, are extremely hot and humid. The temperature regularly soars into the nineties or even the triple digits. I have a lanai on the back of my house that I utilize as a workout space. I’ve equipped it with free weights, an incline bench, a yoga mat, jump ropes, mini trampoline […]

Odd smell from furnace

Winters in Elgin, Illinois, require the furnace to run for the majority of the year. The system combats temperatures well below zero on a regular basis. Like any appliance, the heating system needs regular maintenance and cleaning to operate efficiently, effectively and reliably. When I first start up the furnace, I typically notice the smell […]

Trying to warm up the basement

The winters in Elgin, Illinois, are well-known for their severity. The extremely cold weather lasts for more than half the year. We expect temperatures well below zero, bitter wind chill and feet of snow. I recently noticed that my basement was freezing cold. I got worried about the pipes freezing. Plus, having a cold basement […]