Author: Missy

A heat pump works well in Royal Palm Beach

A technnican inspects, tests, cleans and adjusts the heat pump, replacing any problematic parts and ensuring peak efficiency and reliability Living in Palm Beach, Florida, the air conditioner runs just about year round. There is rarely a time when it’s possible to simply open the windows and enjoy the fresh air. Temperatures in the mid […]

Difficulty of weather in Orland Park

The excessive moisture causes concerns with mold and mildew growth While I love living in Orland Park, the weather conditions present some difficulties. The wide fluctuation of seasons create a great deal of work, expense and damage. The winters are the worst of it. The weather starts to cool of by early September, and it’s […]

Long winters in Minneapolis

I’ve lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for nearly five years, and I’m still not accustomed to the snow. It starts snowing sometime in November and keeps snowing until well into April. The accumulation adds up to around fifty inches per year. When I first moved to Minneapolis, I had never even seen snow in-person. In the […]

A boiler is perfect for the weather in Lowell

While we enjoy the benefits of all four seasons in Lowell, Massachusetts, winter causes some problems. It is by far the longest season. Despite the official start and end of winter on the calendar, locals expect to raise the thermostat setting and start up the heating system by the end of September. It’s not unusual […]

A heat pump is ideal for Lakeland weather

Lakeland, Florida, offers a humid subtropical climate. The summers are long, hot and sticky while the winters are short and fairly mild. The average high temperature climbs into the low nineties, although readings in the negatives aren’t unusual. With the excess humidity, the summer days can be brutal. While the average low temperature in winter […]

Visiting Jacksonville in the winter

My husband and I visit Jacksonville, Florida, every winter. We escape the sub zero temperatures, vicious wind chll and feet of snow of the northeast. It is such a relief to step out of the airport terminal and feel the warm air. The blue skies, sunshine and palm trees are always a welcome sight. We […]

Severe weather in Elgin

I’ve lived in Elgin, Illinois, my entire life. While I love my local area, the weather can be difficult. I appreciate the differences of each of the four seasons. In the winter, there is the cold and snow that provides all sorts of activities. I enjoy riding snowmowbiles, cross-country skiing and snowboarding. The Christmas holiday […]

Hot and humid weather in Birmingham

Moving to Birmingham, Alabama, from the northeastern part of the country was a big change. I was accustomed to approximately eight months of winter. In the area where I grew up, every year brought sub zero temperatures, dangerous windchill and feet of snow. We often had snow accumulation on the ground at Halloween, Christmas and […]

Hiking in the Gilbert, Arizona, area

One of my favorite things about living in Gilbert, Arizona, is the impressive number of outdoor hiking trails. I love exploring the natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert. The hiking trails provide the opportunity to get away from the stress and responsibilities of everyday life. The breathtaking landscapes of Arizona are truly magical. The Riparian […]