Author: Missy

Having good luck treating insomnia with cannabis

Since I was in high school, I struggled with sleep issues. The problem became worse as I grew older. When I’m stressed, sleep is just about impossible. If I have due dates for projects at work, there’s no hope of falling asleep at night. My mind won’t shut down. I’ve tried all the recommended home […]

I want to move to Denver now

My boyfriend is a big time nature guy. He loves going for hikes, runs and bike rides. He is constantly doing something outside. That is where his interests lie. Living with such an active, nature guy is fun. We do a lot of outdoor activities and both are in great shape. We recently visited his […]

Regular maintenance is a good idea

When I first moved to Albuquerque, I wasn’t prepared for the severity of the weather. I knew the summers would be quite hot but hadn’t realized that temperatures in the nineties would be common. The cold winters came as a complete surprise. I didn’t know that it often snows in Albuquerque, and the temperature drops […]