Biking in Albuquerque

I am really into biking.

I started out just buying a simple bike to save on gas.

In Albuquerque, it is not like there is tons of traffic and people to scoot around. I wanted to bike to stay healthy and also get to local bars and shops easier. I like hopping on my bike and going over the local cannabis dispensaries. A lot of the cannabis shops don’t have the best parking. With my bike I can just tie it up to a tree and walk right into the shop. I can pick up a few edibles, different oils and a new vape if I want. I pile them in my bike basket and call it a day. I have expanded my biking quite a bit. The bike that I visit cannabis shops is my fun bike. This bike has bigger tires, a basket and is a pretty blue color. If I want to get serious and actually bike in the dirt and along trails, I use my mountain bike. My work out bike has whisper thin tires, tons of different gears, a water bottle mount and is cherry red. One hiking trail I love to bike on is Bear Canyon. Don’t get this confused with Arizona, I am talking about New Mexico. I can bike a very long distance on all sorts of terrain when I do the open loop of Bear Canyon. It is such a good workout for me and I am outside in the sunshine. I love that I can see locals and tourists alike walking around. I like that I can just stop and appreciate nature mid work-out if I feel like it.



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