Honeymoon destination: Albuquerque

My fiance as well as I are looking for a honeymoon spot.

With corona-virus still being a problem it makes things not easy! At first the two of us wanted to go to Portugal as well as spend two weeks seeing the beaches, kayaking as well as seeing the waterfalls.

With that part of the world shut down the two of us hunted around in Europe… The travel bans are so tight that it doesn’t look possible for us. Now I am looking for something within the US that would work as a honeymoon destination. I haven’t done a lot of local traveling, so I am clueless on all the individual states as well as what they have to offer. I did find that Albuquerque, NM has quite a lot to give. I found a lot of unique resorts that have spas as well as rooms that look over wide sweeping landscapes. I like the idea of getting pampered on our honeymoon as well as just looking at the wonderful land around us. There is also a place named Old Town that seems to have a lot of tours, stores as well as other things I like to do, but of course there are the official history museums, bars as well as nighttime fun. Another thing that is drawing myself and others towards NM is that there are legal cannabis dispensaries there. I think it might be fun to try some edibles or smoke cannabis oil on our honeymoon. My fiance as well as I have never smoked before because our state is so tight about it. It could be a fun, wild thing that the two of us do on our honeymoon. A little weed as well as relaxation sounds just like the perfect recipe for romance.

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