I dropped a vape pen somewhere in the parking lot

I moved up to CA just a couple of weeks back. I got a new job in the San Francisco Bay Area. I had to crash in a hotel room for a couple of weeks, while I searched around for my own apartment. I found a sweet lake house close to the San Francisco Zoo plus Garden area. It is one of my favorite locations around here to visit. The San Francisco Zoo plus Gardens has a variety of wild animals plus exotic Exhibits. They have mammals, birds, plus reptiles from all over the world. They also have a dazzling variety of exhibits plus several themed Gardens. There is even a Children’s Zoo. One of the best parts about the San Francisco Zoo plus Gardens in CA is the African Savanna habitats. The location is quite large plus it almost feels care about all of us have been transported to Savanna. There are majestic crowned cranes plus ostriches all over the open landscape. There are shows, interactive discussions plus talks every hour to describe the animals plus how they live. CA has legal both recreational plus medical marijuana laws. There are about a dozen cannabis shops in the neighborhood where I live. I visited one of these cannabis shops when I was heading to the San Francisco Zoo plus Gardens last Sunday. I bought a disposable cannabis vape pen. It’s really discreet plus has hardly any smell. Once I was inside the zoo, I searched my pockets and my grey plus purple backpack for the disposable vape pen; Unfortunately, I could not locate that cannabis product anywhere. I must have dropped it somewhere in the parking lot on my way up to the ticket center.



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