I talked to my wifey last Sunday night

There are so many locations to walk around and explore in San Francisco.

One of my favorite locations to walk is the Golden Gate Park.

The Golden Gate Park is more than 1,000 Acres worth of streams, lakes, gardens, plus activities. One of my favorite points of interest is the Cali Academy of Sciences. This is also one of my future wife Max’s totally plus really favorite locations to visit. The several of us went several times when Max first started dating me. It was easy to converse while all of us walked around plus viewed the exhibits. When I wanted to propose, to Max I decided to take my wifey to the CA Academy of Sciences. All of us went on a nightlife tour plus I commanded that we wed right in front of the shark exhibit. I went to a cannabis dispensary the night before I planned the surprise. I bought Max a basket of cannabis edibles from a dispensary close to my lake house in San Francisco. I put the ring into the basket of edible cannabis treats. When I offered Max the basket of edibles, she reached inside plus was surprised to find the ring. Max immediately said yeah plus all of us spent the rest of our time in the observatory staring up at the stars. Going to Golden Gate park to command was one of the best ideas that I have had, after deciding to request this beautiful lady marry me. I could have picked a number of destinations within the park care about Lovers Lane or even the Presidio, but because Alicia prefers the calculus academy so much, I knew that it would be the perfect destination.


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