It’s good to be gay in Denver

A few locales are just more gay-friendly than others, but Denver is an LGBTQ-friendly city for certain. As a more open-minded locale, Denver has all kinds of things to offer the LGBTQ crowd. A progressive, or liberal, attitude pervades Denver politics, as well as the more liberal folks among us tend to reside in as well as around Denver. You can see this is the case by their progressive marijuana laws. Denver was actually one of the first locales to make cannabis use legal, as well as that honestly includes recreational cannabis plus medical marijuana. You can also see evidence of the liberal vibe when it comes to the LGBTQ scene in Denver. The Mile High City has a casual, welcoming feel to it, as well as if you wish to come out, why not do so in Denver. Denver PrideFest is a huge gay pride event, culminating with a grand parade… If you have the desire to hit up the shops or get in a little nightlife, some Denver places actually cater to the gay as well as lesbian crowd a bit more than others. The RiNo city, the Cherry Creek area, as well as the Capitol Hill District all boast welcoming arms to LGBTQ+. There is a chamber of commerce that is primarily focused on LGBTQ businesses, so if you are looking to support those who support you, you can check them out for advice on where to venture to as well as what to do… Red Rocks Park is open regularly as well as is home to all types of live music events. Be sure to keep an eye out for those particularly geared to gay as well as lesbian performances. For all-out fun, why not hit up some queer bars? Hamburger Mary’s offers drag queen bingo, as well as Charlie’s can have you boot-scootin’ for sure.
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