Micro-Breweries are A Part of Denver

If you like to go hiking, there is definitely a spot for you in Denver. If you are an arts lover, head on out to Denver to experience art galleries and street art you can’t even believe. If you are a cannabis aficionado, Denver is your place, since marijuana is legal there. The list of reasons to visit Denver is about a mile high! Whether it’s the cannabis that brings you by, or the nearby mountains that light your fire, there is something else not to be missed. That is all the craft beer. You might want to sign up for a brewery tour or just create your own by looking up all the microbreweries and getting on the transit. You can stay in downtown Denver or you can traverse around the surrounding Denver metro area; it is said there are about 148 breweries in and around the Mile High City, so you better get on the move if you intend to see them all. Divided by area, here are some you should definitely check out, even if you can’t see all 148. In downtown, Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery is a must, if for no other reason than the cool name. Also in downtown, don’t miss the Denver Chophouse & Brewery, the Wynkoop Brewing Company, or Rock Bottom Brewery. For German samplings, Bierstadt Lagerhaus is the place to go; Ratio Beerworks says they offer traditional beer but give it a modern twist. If you like firehouses and beer, Station 26 Brewing Company might be your most fun. In Park Hill, the brewery is housed in an old fire station, and they are known to offer other cool stuff like yoga.


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