Odd first date choice

Smoking a bit of cannabis flower just added to our already great state of mind

I live in Albuquerque and there are many things I like to do here. One thing that a lot of people recommend doing is heading over to the Indian Pueblo cultural center. I hadn’t done that until a date recently. I found it kind of weird that my date would want to learn about the cultures as well as traditions of NM’s pueblos. There were even tours to learn about the Native culture. I wasn’t legitimately all that interested as well as I am not a history fan at all, even though I live in NM, my knowledge was quite small! Surprisingly the date was a lot of fun though. I didn’t realize that the outdoor amphitheater also has shows going on. They are people dressed in traditional garb as well as they do a lot of cool dances. On the weekends, obviously live music is playing and it really turned into a very fun, but different date. That is what my date as well as I did. Both of us watched some dancing, listened to rock n roll as well as then walked downtown. After brunch our date even suggested popping into a single of the marijuana dispensaries. I found it kind of cool that he mentioned cannabis over getting a drink. I legitimately care about smoking over alcohol anyway. It was a nice end to the date. Watching as well as listening to the rock n roll was absolutely fun however quite peaceful. Smoking a bit of cannabis flower just added to our already great state of mind. It was a legitimately wonderful first date. I am going to see that guy again.

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