The great places to eat in Albuquerque

I also found the Golden Crown Panaderia has all sorts of breads as well as pastries

I am a foodie through and through. When I go on a vacation, I research the different restaurants for hours. It is important to myself and my partner to have a fine hotel as well as wonderful places to eat. If I can find a little cafe with bread, cheeses as well as drinks, I am going to go there. My ideal trip would be to just walk around shopping, eating as well as boozing. I wouldn’t mind seeing some pretty landscapes as well as getting pampered in the hotel spa. My fiance is an active guy. He loves walking, running as well as hiking. On a trip he wants to do stuff as well as see things. He is down with going to a museum, taking a tour or going on a long bike ride, however for me, that doesn’t sound all that fun. I have to be absolutely careful when planning a trip that it isn’t totally one sided. Happily I found a new trip location that will cater to us both. Albuquerque, NM has everything the two of us could possibly want. I found some gorgeous walking as well as biking routes. I also found a hotel that is legitimately swanky, however has a running path for my fiance. He can run as well as see the hot spots while I get massaged at the hotel spa. I even found that there are tons of cool restaurants with amazing cuisine. It is in NM so apparently there are lots of Mexican places to eat. I also found the Golden Crown Panaderia has all sorts of breads as well as pastries. One bread is a red spice bread that I am dying to try. I guess I need to take our fiance out all morning before I can get him resting in a little shop with me.
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