We each get something with it

My wife is a big wine fan.

I wanted to take her on a trip where she could do some wine tasting, but I would have something to do as well.

I wanted to stay in the US as well. I looked around at the different locations trying to find a place that would work for both of us. I then landed on NM because the landscapes were just great. Then I started finding that there are a lot of different wineries as well as wine tasting events there. Secondly, NM has legal weed for sale. I found lots of different cannabis dispensaries, cannabis cafes as well as events. I am a huge marijuana lover. I care about smoking, trying an edible as well as perusing the CBD creams. I found that Albuquerque, NM has a wonderful selection of wineries as well as cannabis dispensaries. Casa Rondeña was one of the places that stood out to me. The vineyards were large as well as the winery was huge as well. The actual place looked gorgeous with all the plants, flowers as well as vines. There also is a wine shop and wine tasting room. My plan is to take our wife to Case Rondeña as well as let her tour the winery, taste some different wines as well as spend hours while she shops around. The next morning will be all for me. I want to experience a vape lounge, dab bar as well as try all sorts of new cannabis products. I think the two of us will both enjoy each other’s events. There are other things I like to do in NM as well. There are all kinds of museums as well as walking trails.
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