California is very different than I imagined

I just love the weather

I always imagined CA would look just as I saw it in the movies. I pictured movie scenes with unique restaurants and shopping at stores like Gucci, Hugo Boss and Armani. I thought CA was filled with beautiful people, mountains and valleys and fancy cars. I assumed the desert area was reserved to the midwest. When I moved to the west coast, I was surprised by the geography. I moved into a neighborhood just outside the city limits of San Francisco. I found a place to share with three friends that I had gone to college with. We split the rent of a small house a short drive from San Francisco but it was still super expensive. I found a very different landscape than what I expected. Beyond the congestion and sprawl of the city, there are groves of lemon and orange trees. The giant Redwood forests are so impressive. Everything in CA is bigger than I expected. The number of marijuana dispensaries was especially shocking. I knew that cannabis was a major industry in California and growing by the day. However, in San Francisco, there seems to be a marijuana dispensary open on every corner. Each shop offers a unique menu of unusual strains, all sorts of edibles, loose flower, budder, shatter, vapes and all sorts of cannabis gear and accessories. I was aware that CA had legalized recreational marijuana use, but I was still amazed by the number of stores selling the product. My friends and I live in a rather cramped house near a public park where we can spread a blanket and lye in the sun. The area isn’t overly populated and yet there are three cannabis dispensaries within walking distance. Most of them are willing to deliver for a small fee. I really like living in CA. I just love the weather. The temperature never gets too cold or too hot and the sun shines all the time.

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