Great day with the kids in San Francisco

My husband and I enjoy taking the kids to new places where they can learn about science, animals, technology and history.

San Francisco, CA is a really great place to visit.

We are lucky to live close by. My family resides in the foothills of San Francisco. We like to visit the bay area as much as possible. We have three kids that are ages ten, six and four. We have a combination of two boys and a girl. Their interests and maturity levels are quite diverse. There is something for everyone to enjoy in San Francisco. I love shopping there. There are so many little boutiques selling very unique and unusual things. I can find everything from gorgeous shoes and handbags to jewelry, linens and home decor items. My husband loves the restaurants. Within a few blocks, we can switch from pizza to deli-style to Thai or Japanese food. He particularly loves going to Chinatown for the egg rolls and pork dumplings. All of the kids like to head to the beach. We always bring along pails and shovels to build a sand castle. There are plenty of waves for splashing and swimming. We also look for starfish and sand dollars. Sometimes we visit Fisherman’s wharf just to people-watch and check out the fresh seafood. My oldest son likes the Observation Gallery. Now and then we take the kids to the San Francisco zoo to see the exotic and endangered animals. My younger son loves the reptile house. We can always count on really beautiful weather for our visits. It’s always a moderate temperature with a nice breeze and plenty of sunshine.

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