I will never forget the balloon ride in Albuquerque

My bestie plus I moved to Albuquerque not too long ago.

My bestie got a task absolutely working as a hospital administrator at a single one of the finest hospitals in the city.

My bestie plus I made the decision to move together… I task from my dwelling as an internet technology specialist. Since I can task from essentially anywhere, I thought it was a wonderful idea to move to Albuquerque. I was totally gleeful about the cannabis dispensary prices. I searched all over the internet plus I found out that Albuquerque has totally low cannabis dispensary prices! After I was able to see the prices of wax, marijuana, plus edibles, I was all set to pack up my suitcase plus move too… The first locale the two of us chose to go after we moved to Albuquerque was a really charming cannabis dispensary. Approximately a week ago, Albuquerque celebrated the annual international balloon fiesta. I chose to book a sunrise balloon ride with my bestie. I had something extremely special planned for the event. The two of us got up super early plus drove to the Albuquerque location. It was a terribly short 30-minute drive, but we stopped for coffee plus donuts on our way to the locale! When my bestie plus I arrived, I told him that we were going to take a hot air balloon ride. He really was surprised, but not more than he was when I got down on a single knee plus asked him to marry me. I was entirely cheerful when he screamed yeah, but the balloon operator looked a little drawn aback. I don’t really know why he was acting like that, I told the guy what I was planning ahead of time.

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