It's expensive to live in CA

CA has an especiallyblarge LGBTQ population.

Probably the most in the entire country.

San Francisco always ranks at the top of the list. Gay pride has increased in CA and it can be clearly seen all across San Francisco. The streets are outfitted in pride symbols, rainbow flags and LGBT friendly paraphernalia. Diversity is embraced in San Francisco. It is one of the benefits that I enjoy most about the bay area and the city. I moved to San Francisco a few years ago for a variety of reasons. I didn’t like the weather in the midwest. The area wasn’t an ideal setting to explore my sexuality. I knew I was gay from an early age. I am also a daily marijuana smoker. I knew that recreational cannabis was 100% legal in CA. Plus, recreational weed is about half the price I was paying prior to the move. Cannabis is more abundant, often homegrown and the strains are endless. The supply is incredible and each dispensary features unique products, sales and specials. I got a job working in a weed dispensary close to my apartment. The job covers the bills, but I have to work a second job at a clothing boutique in downtown San Francisco to pay my rent. There is no way for me to survive the living expenses in San Francisco unless I work more than one job. It’s a wonderful location to live and work, but it isn’t cheap. My apartment is small and nothing special but costs more than a luxury apartment whereI am originally from. I don’t even have a central AC.

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