It’s great to be back in California.

My family moved to the bay area when I was seven years old.

My dad was stationed at the army base outside of San Francisco.

My brother and I always wanted to go to the beach. We spent a lot of time playing in the water in San Francisco. My first experience with an earthquake was shortly after we moved to the bay area. I remember it quite clearly in my mind. I was hanging out with some friends in the basement. We were playing video games. We stopped to get a snack from upstairs. My mom was baking us some cookies and made chocolate milk. We were all sitting in the kitchen when the milk in the pitcher started to shake. At first, it was only a slight vibration. Eventually, the whole house began to shake. It was aggressive and strong. Dishes fell over and smashed. I was terrified. My friends were frightened too. However, they were more familiar with the ground shaking under their feet. I had never experienced an earthquake before arriving in California. After I graduated from high school, I chose a college in New York. I wasn;t sure I’d ever return to the west coast again. When marijuana was legalized for recreational purposes in California, I wanted to go back to my home state again. I missed the weather and the chance for cheap and legal weed appealed to me. I packed up my stuff and headed west. My mom and dad still lived in the bay area. They were thrilled to have me back. I didn’t admit that I chose to move for legal weed. There are many reasons why it’s great to be back in California.

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