Quick trip to the west coast

My wife and I always plan something fun to celebrate our anniversary.

This past year, she suggested we fly to the West Coast for a few days.

Usually, we go to the beach and rent a condo for a couple of days. We had earned a lot of miles on our credit card. My wife has always wanted to see San Francisco, CA. I was excited by the idea. We booked our flights online and used our miles for an especially low fare. Because of this, we were able to book first class seats. The flight was straight through to San Francisco. When we landed and entered the terminal, we immediately started to see advertisements for marijuana dispensaries. Even in the baggage claim, I counted six different cannabis dispensary advertisements. My wife made a comment about stopping by a cannabis dispensary. Since weed is legal for recreational purposes, I thought this was a great idea. Once we got checked into our hotel and dropped our bags, she looked up the locations of the cannabis shops near our hotel. Because of how many there are in San Francisco, we found one only two blocks away. My wife and I enjoyed the walk to the shop. We browsed their flower, pre-rolls, edibles and concentrates. We bought a couple of items to try during our stay in the bay area. My wife and I visited all sorts of interesting spots throughout San Francisco. We had a wonderful time on the Pacific coast. I loved the weather and the scenery. There was so much to do buy everything was very expensive.
Recreational Marijuana San Fransisco California