San Francisco is an issue

The best time to visit San Francisco, CA, is during the Spring.

I work at a weed dispensary as a delivery driver.

Most of the time, the roads are congested. The traffic is heavy. Ever since the beginning of April, the traffic downtown has been especially bad. In the city San Francisco, it’s difficult to understand the layout of the streets. The map of the city is nothing like anywhere else in the country. I have lived in half of the states. My dad was in the Army for many years.My family moved every couple of years to a new place. When settled in San Francisco, CA, we never left. I haven’t lived anywhere but the bay area since our parents moved here in 2002. They retired and decided to stay here. I have no desire to live anywhere other than San Francisco. I found the job working at the cannabis dispensary by accident. I work on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Each of those afternoons, I put in eight hours. I earn enough in just tips to cover my groceries and utilities.It’s a great job. Lately, the traffic has been terrible.The streets are under construction and are filled with tourists. They take their time, inching along in order to look at everything. The license plates are from out of state or rental cars. I have been late on the cannabis deliveries. The customers are unhappy. I have asked the dispensary to allot more time for each delivery but this causes problems as well.


Weed Pick-up San Fransisco CA