The balloon ride in Albuquerque was really special

My lady and I moved to Albuquerque not especially long ago.

My lady got a job working as a hospital administrator at a single one of the greatest nicest hospitals in the city.

My lady and I thought it would be best to move together. I actually work from home as an internet technology specialist. Since I am easily able to work from anywhere, I thought it was a fantastic decision to move to Albuquerque. I was honestly excited about the cannabis dispensary prices. I searched everywhere on the internet and I found out that Albuquerque has surprisingly low cannabis dispensary prices… After I noticed the prices of wax, marijuana, and edibles, I was quickly ready to pack up my suitcases and move too. The first venue we decided to check was a cannabis dispensary. A month ago, Albuquerque celebrated the annual international balloon fiesta. I thought it would be great to book a sunrise balloon ride with my lady. I had something genuinely special planned for the event. We decided to get up early and drove to the Albuquerque spot. It was a speedy 30-minute drive, but we stopped for Tim Hortons Cappuccino and donuts on our way to the venue! When my lady and I got to the place, I told her that we were going to take a hot air balloon ride. She was shocked to the core, but not more than she was when I got down on a single knee to propose to her. I was super cheerful when she shouted yes, but the balloon operator appeared to be stunned. I do not know why he was surprised in such a way, I told the guy what I was planning.

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