The LGBT movement is for me

This year for pride month, our friends plus I decided to travel to CA… Every one of us spent the entire month in the heart of the gay plus lesbian mecca of San Francisco.

Everybody knows that San Francisco is 1 of the top LGBT tourist destinations; Some neighborhoods cater recognizably to LGBT tourism; My friends plus I stayed in a privately owned hotel with only many bedrooms.

Every one of us were in the middle of the Haight-Ashbury district plus all of us didn’t have to drive someplace to experience the fun. Everything was within walking distance, including a recreational plus medical cannabis shop, and the first time I saw a pot dispensary in San Francisco, I was amazed, but i could odor reefer from the sidewalk. It was a surreal experience to enter the building plus see cannabis everywhere. I tried some cannabis edibles for the first time. I felt relaxed plus calm, until I realized that more than one hours passed by in a matter of moments. The cannabis edibles seemed to get stronger plus stronger as the day progressed. I ate food from every street vendor that all of us passed that day. The LGBT celebration for pride month was 1 long gathering plus our friends plus I had so much fun. I would easily go back plus visit again. If the cost of living wasn’t outrageous, I would even consider moving to San Francisco, CA! Unfortunately, the median income to survive in San Francisco is more than $100,000 plus I don’t have a school education or any way to acquire that kind of cash. I would have to be homeless plus that does not sound like a lot of fun.

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