Visiting Fisherman’s wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf has been a popular attraction in San Francisco, CA for a very long time.

It is an interesting area to walk around and devote an afternoon to.

The area got the name of Fisherman’s Wharf because of the amount of fishermen who settled in the neighborhood during the 1740s. Fisherman’s Wharf is still an active hub where fishermen sell their day’s catch. Fisherman’s Wharf includes Ghirardelli Square. It is a public landmark that features eating establishments, clubs, shops and accommodations. The area draws tourists because of the Ghirardelli chocolate factory. They manufacture and sell really delicious chocolates. My girlfriend and I rent a house just outside of San Francisco. We are in a less expensive neighborhood in CA. I suggested Fisherman’s Wharf as a fun area to visit for a date night. There is so much going on there in the evening. My girlfriend was excited when I mentioned driving to San Francisco. She loves the area. A bonus for us was the excellent prices on recreational weed. We have access to recreational marijuana shops where we live, but the prices are much higher. We also don’t have the selection. While we were in San Francisco, we stopped at a couple of shops and bought some concentrates, vapes and edibles to take back home. My girlfriend and I chose a seafood restaurant by the water for dinner and the food was excellent. We had a really great time. It’s too expensive to live there but we really enjoy the visit now and then.



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