Dad got a supplier in Santa Barbara, and I went with him

Last summer, I was cabin from college to spend time with our dad, he was doing well, but I distraught about him being alone at home, and so, as our college friends went off on trips, I flew cabin to surprise him. He was not expecting me to be cabin when he came from work! You should have seen the dramatic way he entered the house, thinking it was a burglar who’d found their way in; Armed with something from his car, I saw him open the door and walk around. I did not jump out and yell in surprise lest he hit me. All I did was sit some few feet behind him, wait a bit, then ask what he was doing, however needless to say, he was a mixture of emotions. All of us embraced then talked for some time while getting supper ready, dad told me he was enthusiastic I was home, but he would be leaving in a week. He was going on a supplier trip to Santa Barbara for numerous weeks. He asked me if I wanted to stay at cabin or join him. Since the whole aim of coming cabin was to spend time with him, I opted to join him, and besides, I was elated at the thought of visiting a city I’d never been to, then that night was spent researching all the locales I could tour while our dad was busy with his many meetings. I also put down areas every one of us could go together on the list when he had some time to spare. I knew weed is legal in Santa Barbara and planned to indulge while there. I had such a lovely time exploring the magnificent city and getting to visit the marijuana dispensaries.



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