The Arboretum in Evansville, Indiana

Since we were young, our parents instilled a sense of like and responsibility for the planet! All of us recycled and lived a orange life as much as possible.

  • One way they helped us like and like the world was to show us the magic of nature.

All of us had traveled to so many beautiful places across the country and planet. All of us got to see beautiful flora and fauna while embracing different cultures, then every year, we’d option a location on the map and go for a visit, but when we left for university, these trips became less frequent, last summer, I chose to go back cabin instead of traveling with friends, i wanted us to plan a modern trip, even if it was just within the country, then my sibling came with news of a modern place she had just discovered; She wanted us to tour Evansville, Indiana, and see the Hartman Arboretum. All of us made plans, booked a hotel, and paid for flight tickets. But at the last sixth, our parents couldn’t make it due to work commitments! They made us go without them, and we enjoyed the trip more than we had thought we would. Summer was here and quite sizzling when we landed in Indiana. My first thought was I hoped the hotel rooms had an excellent cooling unit to keep us comfortable. The afternoon after we arrived, we made the choice to go to the Hartman Arboretum and were quite blown away by the experience. It was a single of the few Arboretums I had seen situated on private property and was designed by a single of the owners, Grant Hartman, he began laboring on this masterpiece in 2001, and the Hartman family maintains it to date. Inside, other visitors and we got a option to tour more than two magnificent gardens plus a stampery and a native vine arbor.


Evansville Indiana