College life was difficult for me

The people and also myself grew up in rural areas surrounded by corn and addition to potatoes.

  • The people in addition to myself wanted to leave that place badly in addition to college was easily the answer.

The people in addition to myself studied each in addition to every morning and also at night. We never went to parties with our friends or hung out at the skating rink. The people in addition to myself concentrated on good grades so we could easily attend any college of our choice. After middle school, I had my option to check out numerous colleges. I applied for a school located in Tampa Bay, Florida. The people I was with an addition to myself were really gleeful to attend this Tampa Bay University. They agreed to supply myself in addition to others with a full scholarship. My dad and mom were terribly unhappy that I wanted to transport 2000 miles from my home, but I was easily ready to leave that place. I really wanted to leave town but did not actually anticipate missing the place after leaving. I was not really accustomed to heat in addition to humidity. The Tampa Bay weather is a lot unusual than the weather where I lived. I thought there would be more heat in addition to humidity, but it felt enjoy hell. Every time any of us went outdoors, I immediately wished I was living somewhere other than in Tampa Bay. The humidity was so awful that I decided to transfer back to a school by Mom and Dad after the second year in Tampa.

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