Elitch gardens is a wonderful amusement park

Back in 2012 when recreational cannabis was totally legalized in CO, my partner & I chose to transfer our family to Denver… The people I was with and I were living in Idaho at the time, however the legalization of recreational cannabis made both of us have the wish to move.

My partner was using medical cannabis at the time & both of us knew the supplies would be quite a bit cheaper in a legal recreational state, and it was an easy decision to make once recreational marijuana was actually legalized… Very soon after both of us made the change, my partner became pregnant with our first little one.

About a year later, both of us had several children & another one on the way… Now we have so many children & they are all in elementary school. It’s a good thing that Denver has some of the finest schools in the whole nation! On a sizzling summer time day, one of my favorite places to take the little ones is an amusement park known as Elitch Gardens. Elitch Gardens has been open for approximately a hundred years. It was definitely one of the first Family theme parks in the state. For a period of time, the park was owned by the Six Flags company. Elitch Gardens has a reasonable amount of activities & season passes do not cost a tremendous amount of currency. The place has a theme park and a water park, however when the temperatures are sizzling & sunny, the teenagers prefer spending the day on the water slides & in the pool. I have to admit that I never expected that I would have many teenagers before we were actually thirty, even though I totally prefer having a family.

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