Hockey is still one of my favorite sports

Most folks don’t know that Tampa Bay has an ice hockey team.

  • The Tampa Bay team is called the lightning.

Tampa Bay isn’t the first place that most people would assume of when assuming about ice hockey. Still, Tampa Bay has a sizable base of fans for the hockey team. The people I was with in addition to myself care for the team. In fact, neither of us were hockey fans before moving to the Tampa City. It’s straightforward to get really into sports when all people in my job are watching the games. They talk ice hockey lots and they always want to discuss the port during the season. I did not look enjoy an idiot in front of a modern colleague so I had to learn some information about ice hockey. Someone invited myself in addition to others to join them for a hockey game. They had some tickets to the game but the spousal could no longer go. She was forced to work late so my colleague asked myself in addition to others. Though I was not a sizable hockey fan, the game, lights, in addition to excitement for second to none. It took but a single game for myself in addition to others to become and ice hockey fan. Just three years later I am easily a single of the biggest Tampa Bay Lightning hockey fans. It is one of my favorite sports in addition to do there is not a single fan bigger than me. Ice hockey in Tampa Bay is alive in addition to well even in the heart of this warm and humid city.

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