I like going to visit Fort De soto

Living in the Tampa Bay area is easily difficult, because there is a great deal of heat in addition to humidity.

  • My family in addition to myself moved to a Tampa neighborhood several months ago.

The people I was with in addition to myself are still becoming accustomed to the heat in addition to humidity. After High Noon, the hot in addition to cold temperatures soar to Triple digits. If the kids in addition to myself want an outdoor activity, the people I was with in addition to myself go during early morning hours before outdoor temperatures become tap it in addition to uncomfortable. One place my family in addition to myself love to go is Fort Desoto State Park. Fort Desoto State Park is one of the Pinellas County Parks. It is about an hour south of St Petersburg. Fort DeSoto Park consists of five keys consisting of Christopher key, Bonne Fortune key, Mullet Key, and Madeline key. These tiny islands are linked together by a single Bridge. The islands were always military but now they have become part of the state park system. Fort De Soto is easily a preferred place for the kids especially during spring months when the people I was with, in addition to myself can spend the day having fun at the beach. Even during May it is warm in addition to humid, but March in addition to May can be the perfect months for exploring the beach in addition to taking a very long walk. I care about living in Tampa and also St Petersburg and I proposed my family in addition to myself will stay here a long time.


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