I was fascinated with the high altitude of Denver

Denver, Colorado is actually nicknamed the mile high seas City… There is a fairly great reason why the area has this particular nickname.

Many parts of the city are 5,280 ft above the sea level.

This is 1 mile into the atmosphere! A bunch of people going to see this lovely place can struggle with a change in altitude, and it does have some awesome benefits. I absolutely care about playing golf. I have a set of clubs that I use on rainy afternoons and a set of clubs that I use on sunny afternoons. This past year, my friends and I watched a video of a guy hitting a golf ball in Denver, Colorado. The ball went approximately 379 ft on a single drive. I read more information about the altitude and I came to learn that it is not strange for the ball to travel a great deal further because of the altitude and thin air. I was actually thinking that it would be pretty fun to go to Denver, Colorado and hit some golf balls. My friends agreed and the three of us made reservations on an airplane to head over to Denver. It cost $85 to check our golf clubs, however I wasn’t going so any spot separate from them. My pals and I landed in the place on a Monday, and we went to our hotel. The driver who took us in his cab had a large sign in the back seat for recreational cannabis. That wasn’t the only advertisement we noticed for recreational cannabis during our Denver visit. We also noticed an advertisement for recreational cannabis on the side of a bus. I was thinking that golf balls would be the most fantastic thing that we all did during our trip, however we all smoked some cannabis while we were there too.

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