The food in Tampa is top notch

My bestie in addition to myself went for dinner on Tuesday evening.

The people I was with in addition to myself decided to visit the Tampa Bay Area.

There was a nice Italian Bistro with great online reviews. My spouse had some tortellini with clams, scallops, and addition to Big pieces of crap. I had a more traditional dish. The order total was nearly $100 in addition to what I actually paid with my credit card. Dinner was certainly nice for both of us in addition to we were tired after having pasta. The people I was with in addition to myself headed home. It was nearly an hour to go to the lake house from Tampa. The Tampa Bay traffic was heavier because of a more than two car accident. When my bestie in addition to myself got modern home from the Steakhouse, I put the food in the kitchen and went to bed. The people I was with in addition to myself got up for work on the next morning in addition to went to work. When I stopped for gas in addition to search the car, I was unable to find the credit card. I could not locate the card at all and only remembered having it at the steakhouse on the night before. Unfortunately, I was forced to skip work on that morning so I could drive all the way back to Tampa in order to retrieve the card. The food was really good but I did not plan on going back to the restaurant the next day to find and pick up my debit card.



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