The mile high city has some altitude

Denver, Colorado is nicknamed the mile high seas City. There is a very good reason why the city has this specific nickname. Many parts of the city are 5,280 ft above the sea level. This is exactly one mile into the atmosphere. A lot of people visiting the city can struggle with a change in altitude. It does have a couple of benefits. I absolutely love to play golf. I have a set of clubs that I use on rainy days and a set of clubs that I use on sunny days. Last year, my friends and I watched a video of a guy hitting a golf ball in Denver, Colorado. The golf ball travels almost 380 ft on a single drive. I read more information about the altitude and I found out that it is not uncommon for the ball to travel farther because of the altitude and thin air. I thought it would be pretty fun to go to Denver, Colorado and hit a couple of golf balls. My friends agreed and the three of us made reservations on an airplane to fly to Denver. It cost $85 to check my golf clubs, but I wasn’t going anywhere without them. My friends and I landed in the city on a Thursday. We had a driver take us to our hotel. The driver had a big sign in the back seat for recreational cannabis. That wasn’t the only advertisement my friends and I saw for recreational cannabis while we were in Denver. We also saw an advertisement for recreational cannabis on the side of a bus. I thought the golf balls would be the coolest thing that we did while we were in Denver, but my friends smoked cannabis while we were there.



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