The Mile high city is amazing

Denver, CO has the nickname ‘the mile high seas City’.

There is a legitimately nice reason why the city is called this.

Quite a few parts of the city are 5,280 ft above the sea level. This happens to be the equivalent to 1 mile into the atmosphere. Numerous visitors can struggle with a change in altitude, however it does have benefits. I unquestionably care about practicing my swing. I have a set of clubs that I use on rainy afternoons and a set of clubs that I go with on sunny afternoons. Last year, my buddies and I watched a video of a guy slamming a golf ball in Denver, CO. The hockey ball must have gone 371 ft on a single drive. I checked to find more information about the altitude and I was able to discover that it is not bizarre for the ball to travel farther because of the altitude and thin air. I genuinely was thinking it would be pretty thrilling to go to Denver, CO and hit a couple of balls around. My buddies agreed and we chose to take a flight to Denver. It cost $85 to check our clubs, despite the fact that I wasn’t going without them. My buddies and I landed in this awesome place on a Wednesday. Every one of us had a driver take us to our hotel destination. The driver had a really awesome sign in the back seat for recreational cannabis. That wasn’t the only advertisement we had seen for recreational cannabis during this wonderful trip. Every one of us also saw an advertisement for recreational cannabis on the side of a bus. I was actually thinking the golf swings would be the coolest thing that we did while in Denver, however the cannabis was also wonderful.

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