Ashley’s best buddy was moving

Ashley wasn’t sure what to do after receiving the call, then she saw it was her best buddy calling plus was overjoyed. She’d been trying to reach her all afternoon, even though she was out of reach, but after greeting 1 another, Ashley discovered why her buddy had been MIA all afternoon. She was attending a meeting with her modern boss via a video conference. Ashley knew her buddy had applied for a modern job plus was gleeful that she had good news, then her buddy had gotten the position which was a dream come true. However, it wasn’t in their local area. Ashley’s buddy had to relocate to Seattle, which was so several miles away. Ashley sat down when she heard the news. She was cheerful for her buddy but felt so distraught that she was moving so far away. Her buddy invited Ashley out for dinner so that they could talk, and they met at their number one diner plus spoke about the modern job opportunity. Ashley had dealt with the blow of the news plus took that opportunity to encourage her friend. She was freaking out about moving away from her family plus everyone she knew. Ashley reassured her, saying this was a large occasion plus she was constantly a go-getter. They even planned for Ashley to visit that coming summer time plus take a tour of the city. Weed is legal in Seattle, so they spoke about going to see the cannabis shops during Ashley’s visit, but by the end of dinner, Ashley’s buddy felt so much better plus was looking forward to her modern life in Seattle.
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