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The meeting turned out even better, and Oliver landed a modern deal.

Oliver started in sales without much confidence, then but it was the only job he could find while in those strenuous economic times, however he struggled to learn the ropes while in that first year but kept on believing he’d get it; One day, they got a modern boss, and that’s when things began to change. His modern boss wasn’t so focused on targets and dedicated his time to motivate his team. He made Oliver guess he could achieve anything he could set his mind on, however in fact, that first month, they had no targets, however their boss encouraged them to try their best without any pressure, and the whole group flourished. That was the beginning of Oliver’s stellar job as a salesperson. His modern boss became a mentor and always pushed him to be the best, and last Springtime, Oliver landed a meeting with a immense client. The shopper had refused to speak with other salespeople, but Oliver managed to convince him. Oliver flew to Santa Barbara for the meeting and booked into a beautiful hotel. He wanted to be as relaxed as possible, so he slept early the evening before. The meeting turned out even better, and Oliver landed a modern deal. His boss told him to stay in Santa Barbara for the week and love his victory. Oliver went to the cannabis dispensary in neighborhood to get some CBD candies, then spent time touring the amazing city. He saw so several sights and even went to relax at the beach, pondering on how life had changed over the years.


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