Hiking in the summertime

My friends and I have lived in Denver for a very long time, and we like multiple outdoor activities that can only be found in a place where you have large mountain peaks.

My friends and I like rock climbing, rappelling, and hiking.

There are more than 50 strange mountain peaks above 14,000 ft just in the state of Colorado. This is really the largest amount of high peaks in any state other than Alaska. About an hour away from Denver, there are some entirely spectacular and gorgeous hikes. Some of them require quite a bit of planning. These hikes are in some dangerous and scary terrain and must be taken seriously, but hiking is a great way to spend a Springtime day, when the cold temperatures outside are cool and brick. The worst time to go hiking is during the summer. Most people don’t realize that Denver has a very tepid summertime season. The average summertime temperatures are around 90 degrees. Even at 10,000 ft above sea level, it’s still entirely warm and sunny. Many of the hiking areas do not have a lot of shade and it’s important to consume plenty of water even on a cool day. Once I start moving around, my body core temperature goes up swiftly. My friends and I like the smaller trails closer to the town when it’s warm or humid outside. It’s important to be safe when doing these dangerous activities. Too many inexperienced people try to climb to the top and they end up with heat stroke or exhaustion.

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