San Francisco has some neat places to see

One of the reasons why I chose to transfer to San Francisco, California was due to the awesome weather… The weather is never frigid or wet plus it is basically the perfect arena all throughout the year.

  • Another superb reason to transfer to San Francisco was the fact that recreational marijuana actually is legal.

My friends plus I were raised in a small town in the Midwest, however even when I left the area a few years ago, medical marijuana had still not been legalized in that place. I am sure it will take another twenty years before recreational marijuana is legalized in that actual region. I was spending a large amount of cash for marijuana supplies plus moving to California sounded basically like a superb idea. I still find thrilling plus interesting arenas to visit, although I have lived in the area for quite a few years. My friends plus I went to visit a historical location known as the Albion Castle. The castle was built in the eighteen hundreds. It is a huge Stone structure built on top of an aquifer, and underneath the castle there are 2 massive systems that each collect more than 10,000 gallons of water on a daily basis. The arena was built as a brewery plus helped supply numerous saloons in the San Francisco region. It was purchased after prohibition by the Albion water supplier plus has had a few interesting owners since then. The castle is one wonderful spot to visit plus a tour of the grounds can be fun. It’s one of the most awesome arenas I have visited in the past year.


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