The kids loved spending time at the ABQ Biopark zoo

My sister had had enough of my excuses and was about to hit the roof.

Ever since she relocated to Albuquerque, I promised to go and visit her with my kids.

We were quite close growing up. Our parents made sure we had a lasting bond even though there were fights and quarrels like all siblings. When I left for college, I knew my sister would follow soon. She opted not to go to the same college and moved to the other side of the country. Her hopes and dreams were in that school where they had the best courses for her chosen field. After graduating, my sister got a chance to work in New Mexico and moved to Albuquerque. We get to see each other during family holidays at our parents’ home. However, she is adamant that I have to go visit her. I did just that last summer and went with my kids. You should have seen my sister’s face when we surprised her one Saturday afternoon. Her best friend helped me arrange the surprise and needless to say my sister was so happy to see us. She lived in a lovely home that had enough space for all of us. That first evening we spent time planning different activities for the kids and us. One thing I wanted to do when she took them to the zoo was to visit a weed dispensary. Weed is legal in Albuquerque, and I wanted to enjoy some treats. A day after we got there, my sister took the kids to the zoo, which had many wonderful local and exotic animals. I stayed at home to relax, which is something I truly needed.

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