Going to the baggage claim area

I’ve been working at the Denver International Airport for the past six months, and my best friend’s dad is a pilot & he got both of us tasks working in the baggage claim area, jack & I work the same hours at the Denver International Airport, so we can ride together everyday.

Jack & I were both working last Tuesday night when the town of Denver experienced a blizzard; It was 6 degrees outside & the airport was filled with people on that Tuesday, however all of the flights were delayed & the power outages affected the entire city, and even the airport was affected by a power outage! Luckily, the Denver International Airport has generators that kick in when the power is out.

After 3 hours though, the generators were having trouble keeping up & the heat had to be shut off, but people inside of the airport started to complain & the temperature was dropping abruptly. My boss wanted me To stay & work longer after the concerns occurred, but I was ready to go apartment after a 10-hour shift. My friends & I left the airport & went to the nearest recreational dispensary that was still open for business. All of us knew the roads were going to be closed in the day & we did not want to be stuck without any recreational marijuana supplies.I decided to buy a half ounce of Blue Dream. I knew it would last a long time, but the half ounce of yellow dream was on sale at the dispensary & I picked it up for a surprisingly low price.

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