Delivery services are a wonderful thing

For the past more than six weeks, I have been working as a delivery driver.

I absolutely care about the marijuana delivery job absolutely much! The tips are nice plus I do not even have to use my own car.

The marijuana delivery repair provides a car for myself and others to use when I am working. The car has the name of the marijuana dispensary featured on the side. It’s free advertising for the dispensary plus they do not have to listen to excuses from employees care about my car broke down so I can’t go to work, one of the reasons why I decided to start working at the dispensary is because of the car. I was afraid about going back plus forth to work, because I didn’t have a vehicle in good shape. The marijuana dispensary is absolutely close to the town where I live in San Francisco. I can take the metro or the bus. It’s a lot cheaper to take the San Francisco Metro, however sometimes the bus is easier. It often depends on the time of day or not tourist season; San Francisco traffic plus streets are always much busier during the tourist season. The tips are unquestionably nice for marijuana delivery drivers during these times. Last month there was a celebration plus I acquired $200 on a Sunday night. I drove all over San Francisco, even though I cleared 2 bills by the end of the five hour night. I appreciate tourists plus visitors. They always get a 30% discount from this dispensary plus they usually tip well when they are first time patients.

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