I lived in Toronto and loved it

Toronto is a really fun plus interesting location to live, there are a ton of activities that make Toronto an exciting location to live, one of our number one sites to visit in Toronto is Lake Ontario.

Lake Ontario has a lot of fantastic fishing plus there are plenty of sites in the Toronto area where you can really access the lake by boat.

There are also plenty of peers plus local fishing areas, then my friends plus I love to go camping by Lake Ontario in Toronto during May, it is a fantastic time to find king salmon, steelhead trout, coho salmon, plus brown trout. One of the biggest salmon caught in the lake weighed over 40 lb. The biggest fish our friends plus I ever pulled out of the lake was a 22-pound king salmon plus it fed our family plus I for several meals. The best part about living in Toronto is the fact that there is legal cannabis, cannabis is regulated by the government, however it is legal for medical plus recreational use. The government heavily controls the amount of cannabis that can be bought, however the amounts are enough for a single person, and when our husbandy advocated moving across the border to New York for a couple of years, I thought he was crazy. I didn’t want to transport somewhere, especially after I spent our entire life living in Canada. My husbandy got an offer from a hospital making twice as much cash as he was in Toronto, so the two of us had to move. Things are a lot odd here, however at least they still have legal cannabis.

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