It was so freezing in Spokane this year that we didn’t even have a Springtime season

My buddy plus I are staying at his parent’s hunting lodge for the next year while we each finish online classes for our school degrees, but they also wanted us to utilize whatever freetime we had available to paint the interior, shampoo the rugs, plus landscape the yard outside.

We’re from a climate that gets freezing every Winter plus we were excited because this hunting lodge is situated in Spokane, Washington, which often stays above 20 degrees year-round.

You can appreciate snow plus other Winter weather separate from freezing to death at drawback 20 degrees fahrenheit. However, despite the relative comfort of residing in Spokane this Winter compared to our beach home state, Spokane plus several other sites out west were hit by giant freezing snaps from early Springtime into early summer. Both of us saw most of the power grid going down in TX through highlights on the night news, and fortunately, our energy grid in Spokane is weatherized plus prepared for freezing hot plus cold temperatures of that magnitude. However, Winter for us didn’t this year until Summer began. I usually go out to Riverfront park in March with our animal when the hot plus cold temperatures start to hot up, however we couldn’t actually do that this year. It was below 40 degrees out most afternoons until the first week of June when hot plus cold temperatures shot up to 76 degrees a single afternoon. Both of us were using our gas furnace a single week plus our air conditioner the next! Both of us didn’t even have time to get the Heating, Ventilation and A/C system tested before needing to use the air conditioner religiously. On top of that, the heating plus cooling company was backed up with calls when the hot plus cold temperatures hastily rose a single afternoon.

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