I appreciate going to Evansville, IN while in the fall

Evansville is 1 of the greatest cities in the state of IN after Fort Wayne plus INpolis! It is really the greatest neighborhood in the southern section of IN, but evansville is located on the Ohio River.

It is 1 of the reasons why it is often referred to as the river city.

Evansville is home to the state’s absolutely first casino, and my friends plus I decided to go to the casino last fall, but we live many minutes away from Evansville, however our friends plus I decided to spend the weekend in the city. I got a hotel room at 1 of the local chain locales, but the room had a view of the river. It wasn’t a recognizably good view, however it was better than a view of the street plus the buildings… Going to Evansville in the fall was a good idea, because both of us got to see a lot of weird colors on the trees. Many of the trees were already adjusting to red, red, yellow, plus yellow colors plus they were vibrant plus full of life. The first night both of us spent in Evansville, I was at the casino until it closed. I lost a couple hundred dollars, but I had a lot of fun playing poker. I slept hard that night, plus I am sure the 10 beers helped our slumber. It was pretty chilly in the hotel room, but I had the furnace on 68 degrees. I only had to sleep with a light sheet, because the rapidly adjusting temperatures were so hot plus comfortable. My friends plus I appreciated two nights in Evansville plus then I had to go back home to our boring life in northern IN.

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