Last time I was in Albuquerque it was hotter than I remembered

My partner plus I were looking for a new location to live because both of us were sick of being in a swamp down south.

It wasn’t so much the sizzling hot plus cold temperatures as it was the humidity plus disappointing air quality.

Both of us had a radical amount of dust, pollen, plus mold in the air, giving both of us ongoing allergy complications. All I wanted to do was get out of the swamp plus some location with a drier plus cleaner outdoor environment. When my partner applied to a job offer in Albuquerque, NM plus was approved, both of us decided to take a risk plus move. Honestly, I had never been further west than AR, although I instantly fell in like with the mountain backdrop that you see whenever you’re outside in Albuquerque. Since the elevation of Albuquerque is over 5,000 feet, this desert town doesn’t get the same excruciatingly sizzling hot plus cold temperatures in the Summer that you see in locations love Phoenix plus Death Valley. However, our last Summer in Albuquerque was identifiably sizzling with several highs chopping into the low to mid 100s some mornings. Both of us were running our evaporative coolers for most of the Summer season this year. They require a lot less electricity to run compared to a/cs because you’re simply powering a fan to blow air through a wet pad, causing the surrounding air to drop in temperature. Since it’s already dry as a bone in Albuquerque, the evaporative coolers make it cooler while also improving your indoor comfort. Getting the humidity up above 50% will limit chapped lips plus cracked skin on your hands plus fingers.

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