The day at the park was great

My wifey plus I woke up on Friday morning plus the a/c wasn’t blowing any chilly air… The people I was with and I planned to spend the day in bed enjoying movies with the adolescents, however it was supposed to be close to 100 degrees that day plus the two of us weren’t going to leave the apartment at all, and when the two of us woke up plus found the a/c broken, the two of us had to come up with a weird system for the day.

  • The repair office couldn’t get to the repair until after lunch, my wifey plus I woke up the adolescents plus the two of us packed a container with a change of clothes.

I told the apartment community manager that way would be gone all day, she promised to text myself and others when the a/c was repaired. The people I was with and I left Tampa plus headed for Rainbow Springtimes. Since it was going to be a tepid plus humid day, the Tampa Bay section Springtime sounded like a fantastic idea. The people I was with and I left Tampa Bay shortly after 8 AM. Traffic was already heavy, even for a Friday morning. The people I was with and I were driving away from the city, so traffic started to dissipate rather quickly. The people I was with and I arrived at the Springtime around 10 a.m. plus the park was already at capacity. The people I was with and I drove 90 minutes for the perfect day at the Springtimes plus the forest ranger wanted us to drive all the way back to Tampa without ever putting our feet in the water. That wasn’t area of my plan, so I took the adolescents to a weird plus more secluded Springtime. It wasn’t as giant as the state park, however it was just as chilly plus refreshing.


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