The airport has power outages and no heat

I’ve been working at the Denver International Airport for the past six months. My best friend’s dad is a pilot and he got both of us jobs working in the baggage claim area. Jack and I work the same hours at the Denver International Airport, so we can ride together everyday. Jack and I were both working last Friday night when the city of Denver experienced a blizzard. It was 6 degrees outside and the airport was filled with people on that Friday. All of the flights were delayed and the power outages affected the entire city. Even the airport was affected by a power outage. Luckily, the Denver International Airport has generators that kick in when the power is out. After three hours though, the generators were having trouble keeping up and the heat had to be shut off. People inside of the airport started to complain and the temperature was dropping quickly. My boss wanted me To stay and work longer after the problems occurred, but I was ready to go home after a 10-hour shift. My friends and I left the airport and went to the nearest recreational dispensary that was still open for business. We knew the roads were going to be closed in the morning and we didn’t want to be stuck without any recreational marijuana supplies.I decided to buy a half ounce of Blue Dream. I knew it would last a long time, but the half ounce of blue dream was on sale at the dispensary and I picked it up for a surprisingly low price.


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