I’m so glad that temperatures are much lower in Albuquerque compared to Phoenix

High heat is a destructive force to both the environment plus the people who inhabit those areas.

For instance, massive heatwaves in the pacific northwest last summer time resulted in many unexpected deaths.

There are many people in that region who have managed just good without air conditioning for decades before seeing a sizable heat spike up to 115 degrees in the summer time of 2021. I heard about exhausting folks dying in their homes because of the rampant heat. For those who could afford an air conditioning, there was a shortage of unit almost immediately when the temperatures started to rise for afternoons on end. The family members of mine who live in that section were suffering for weeks until the heatwaves subsided. I was residing in Phoenix while I was in the last few years plus understand what it’s adore to experience temperatures upwards to 110 degrees in the morning sun. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised moving to Albuquerque plus finding a rather mild climate compared to central Arizona. A lot of people don’t realize that Albuquerque has a rather high elevation, laying at 5,312 feet above sea level. Every one of us live in a desert that is so high in the mountains that our temperatures are mild compared to sites in Arizona adore Phoenix. Living in 110 degree heat is unbearable in our mind. I enjoy being in Albuquerque plus not feeling adore I’m getting fried by the sun every hour I’m resting outdoors. And once the people I was with and I get to the Winter season, our weather drops down into the 20s at night with daytime weather usually in the low 40s.


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