The two of us used to visit Second City for comedy shows after eating at Gretzky’s restaurant

Since I grew up in Michigan, residing in Toronto isn’t too far unattachd as far as the weather conditions is distraught.

Both arenas get a lot of snow plus ice in the winter, but Michigan is identifiably humid in the summer time because it’s surrounded by water.

Toronto is right on the banks of Lake Ontario so it gets its un-biased share of moisture as well. Since our hometown in Michigan was rural, moving to Toronto in its giant metropolitan glory took some time for acclimation. I wandered the streets of Koreatown 1 summer time day plus was so enamored with the rich culture that dates back generations. Queen’s Park is another favorite location of mine if I just want to park our vehicle plus go for a walk. My lady plus I had to begrudgingly stay condo most of 2020 because of local restrictions on indoor spaces during the pandemic. I completely understand the response, but it was worried to see the pandemic destroy a lot of fantastic businesses. Aside from the many cannabis dispensaries that shut down amid all of the dense competition, the people I was with and I also lost eateries savor Gretzky’s Restaurant. The two of us enjoyed visiting Second City for comedy shows after eating at Gretzky’s Restaurant next door. As the name implies, the restaurant was a joint partnership between the acclaimed hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky plus his business partner. The two of us walked down there after leaving a cannabis dispensary Last weekand saw that it was closed for good. I heard that a condominium complex is being built in its arena. Some of our favorite restaurants plus weed stores bit the dust during the chaos of COVID-19.


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