I did not want to stay at this place

Every year when our hubby plus I go to FL for Christmas, both of us stay with our sister in Zephyrhills… My parents live in Tampa, however our sister has a larger lake house plus room for almost everyone, and the last couple of years, there has been a fight or fight, and i told our hubby that I did not want to stay with our sister plus Zephyrhills this year.

The previous year, our sister pitched a fit when our child adjusted the temperature control in the dining room! She said she was going to cost her a fortune just because she changed the temperature from 69 to 77 degrees.

I was absolutely unhappy that our sister yelled at our child plus I made sure to tell her that I was unhappy, but all of us did not talk for several weeks after I came apartment from FL. My sister invited us again this year, although I told our hubby that I am not going to FL unless both of us stay somewhere in Tampa at a hotel. I truly don’t want to spend another year with our sister plus I don’t want to be stuck within the confines of our Dad plus Dad’s Small condo. I suppose it will cost extra money for the numerous of us to stay in a hotel suite, although I legitimately believe it is the only way both of us can love the holidays together without a bunch of fights plus fights. It would also be nice 4 our family to love some of the Tampa sites without almost everyone else tagging along; For a change, both of us could focus on our family.

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