A day trip to the bay is just what I needed

After my boyfriend and I broke up, I was really depressed and sad.

I didn’t want to go anywhere with my friend.

I didn’t go to the gym and work out for weeks. I didn’t want to go anywhere that reminded me of my boyfriend. When my friends suggested going to San Francisco for the day, it sounded like a fantastic idea. I had not been to the bay for months and it sounded like just what I needed to smile. My friends picked me up outside of my apartment. Before they came to the place, they stopped at a legal cannabis dispensary to buy recreational Cannabis products for the day. My friends picked up some disposable vape pens with live resin. The liquid live resin tasted like blueberries. It was a sativa strain called Blue Dream. Legal cannabis products are relatively inexpensive in California, because San Francisco has recreational and medical products. Before we started driving to San Francisco, we smoked a few puffs from the disposable marijuana pen. We decided to drive all the way to Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Tennessee Beach is one of my favorite places and it’s only a few short minutes from Black Sands Beach. Those are really nice places to sunbathe and relax and both are located within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. After a day with my friends, I was ready to stop feeling sorry for myself. I let that guy keep me down for long enough. It was time for me to wake up and get my life back on track.



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